Should You Follow a Psychic Diet?

Should You Follow a Psychic Diet?

Once your psychic or intuitive abilities begin to open up, you may be curious whether a psychic diet should be considered. This type of diet can wake abilities up, so to speak. You may even start craving certain “lighter” foods as your ability is coming to light. It is natural to desire these lighter foods on a spiritual fast because of a raise or rising vibration. The hardest part is figuring out what is best for your body.

There can be lots of confusion about what to do or not do. Is eating meat a good thing? Should alcohol and coffee be given up? The truth is you need to eat for nourishment with an occasional snack to keep yourself sane, but this requires finding what works best for you and your ability.

Why Consider a Psychic Diet?

Think about this in terms of an athlete. A football player will not play his best after a huge meal of steak and buttered potatoes with a few beers on the side. To play at the optimum level, we must treat our bodies as machines that need the best fuel. This is the same basic theory is what the psychic diet is all about. This is not to say it is a one size fits all solution, but a starting point that can be personalize along the way.

We exist in a physical realm in which everyone’s body behaves differently which means each food combination works differently for each person. Everyone is unique in what will be beneficial and what will not. We cannot and should not deny our bodies every treat, but we may do well to limit some.

So, What is a Psychic Diet?

There is conflicting information on the psychic diet, but the majority include a combination of recommendations from the following list:

  • Eat very little or no meat
  • Enjoy a large variety of veggies and fruits
  • Avoid processed foods as often as possible
  • Avoid junk food as often as possible
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Drink lots of water
  • Limit caffeine consumption

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are obviously healthy and nutritious, but also light. They are considered to be high vibrational foods because they are living things. This means eating more of these things simply makes sense.

Meat and Animal Products

This category is not as straightforward as the previous one. To cut out all meat and animal products can be a giant shift for most people. However, this could be helpful in the psychic realm. Again, this is what works best for you and can be a gradual adjustment. It could make sense for you if:

  • You are concerned the animal’s spirit may be transferred to you when consumed
  • It does not align with your moral code
  • Eating meat takes away your energy as you digest.

This does not mean you need to deprive yourself completely. Simply pay attention to the feelings you have when eating certain types of foods. You may not even miss what has been cut out. On the other hand, you may be less energetic if you do not have any meat at all, so perhaps cutting out only red meat will help. Do what is right for you. Your psychic ability will not disappear if you give in and eat a steak. This is not an accurate way of how it works.


Removing all alcohol is sometimes a tough decision for people as they develop their gifts. This is a very personal choice that you must make. However, you should not drink right before a reading as it lowers vibrations.


Staying hydrated is highly important. Caffeine can dehydrate us, so we have the option of giving it up, but this can be harder for some than others. Try limiting amounts of caffeine to what you can handle during a single day. Regardless of what you decide, drink plenty of water. This is good advice whether building up vibrations or not. If water is not your favorite, herbal tea can be hydrating as well.

Processed Food

Eliminating totally or cutting back on processed food, as well as junk food, is a no brainer for health and ability. There is no nutrition in these food options.

It’s Your Choice

Being on a psychic diet should not feel restrictive because it is your choice. It should serve the purpose of making you feel better. Start off by being aware of what goes into your body and how those foods make you feel in general. Discover which seem to raise your vibration and increase intuition so you may connect easily with the spirits. This will result in the best readings for your clients. No need to follow someone else’s rules, find the combination of what works best for you.