Are You A Lightworker? How to Know!

Are You A Lightworker

The word lightworker is one that has been around for years. At one point, it described people that were healers or those that were very spiritual. Now since time has passed, the term lightworker has changed.

A lightworker is not considered a person that has changed their thought pattern. They are people that have woken up to the world around them and have become more intelligent in their knowledge and in their inner workings and knowing. They have developed and they are influencing people to awaken themselves without even meaning to.

A lightworker is aware of their conscious thinking and they have strong powers. There will be a time where lightworkers will be considered everyone and this is because people are going to all become awakened at some point. They will be more connected and aware of the spiritual world and their inner self, and they will be loving and compassionate.

A lightworker isn’t a better person, they are just helping people around them to live a better life and to better their understanding. You can’t take a class to be a lightworker, but you can look at your inner being and see what traits you have. A lightworker will change emotionally, physically, and mentally. They will change and become stronger and will figure out their gifts and how to use them to help others.

Choosing to be a Lightworker

People do choose to be lightworkers before they incarnate but they don’t always know this. Millions of souls want to be lightworkers and not everyone gets that chance. Some are going to be able to do this because they want to do it and they enjoy the responsibility of helping others.

They don’t take their work as a game and even though they enjoy it, they work hard to help others and to change for the better.

There are some lightworkers that were awakened years ago and now they are setting up different businesses and job services to help other people to go through their own awakening. They will see different lightworkers becoming awakened and they will help others by being a health worker or a coach.

As the lightworkers move forward in their life, they will support those that are going through their own awakening, and they will help to make the world a better place. 


Lightworkers are generally sensitive to people, and they are healers and intuitives. They will do whatever they feel called to do in the spiritual and phy8iscal world. They will be people that are called things like:

  • Starseeds.
  • Indigos.
  • Earth Angels.
  • Rainbow children.
  • Crystal children.
  • Magentas.

Not all lightworkers will be the same and while some will fit in one category, others will not. There is no group that is better than another group, they all just do different things.

Lightworkers will continue to fill the earth. Some have been awakened for years and are master’s and there are some that are Starseeds that will be teachers and will help the new lightworkers to do the job that they are meant to be doing. As the new awakening happens, they will gain new understanding and new ideas and they will become more conscious of the earth around them.

As a lightworker, you will be judged, and people will talk down to you. Don’t worry about these things and embrace your differences and the trials that you face. Even when things seem strange, accept it, and know that you need to speak the truth.

Being Strong as a Lightworker

Here are some ways that you can stay strong as a lightworker:

  • Love yourself.
  • Know that you are a lightworker.
  • Know what it takes to be a lightworker.
  • Learn to care for yourself.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Learn of healing.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Let go of your past.
  • Speak up for truth.
  • Find your soul group.
  • Learn to have energy skills of grounding, setting boundaries and finding strong connections.
  • Find a mentor and use them.
  • Find work that makes you have peace.
  • Be different.
  • Don’t be afraid to shine!


  1. The concept of the lightworker as described in this article is profoundly insightful. It resonates deeply with the idea of global spiritual awakening, where each individual has the potential to rediscover their inner strength and purpose. The notion that lightworkers are not necessarily born with their gifts but can develop them through self-awareness and conscious effort is empowering. The emphasis on compassion, self-love, and truth speaks volumes about the positive impact lightworkers can have on society. This article beautifully encapsulates the essence of what it means to be a lightworker in today’s world.

  2. This article offers a refreshing and enlightened perspective on the evolving role of lightworkers. It is heartening to see the acknowledgment of various forms of lightworkers and their unique contributions to the spiritual and physical realms. The idea that lightworkers are here to support and uplift others in their own awakening journey is both inspiring and humbling. The practical advice for staying strong as a lightworker is particularly valuable, providing actionable steps to nurture one’s spiritual growth. Overall, this piece brilliantly highlights the transformative power of self-awareness and the collective awakening that is on the horizon.

  3. The concept of lightworkers is quite fascinating. It appears to encompass a broad spectrum of spiritual development and self-awareness. The idea that individuals can inherently influence others’ awakening through their own personal growth is intriguing.

  4. The list of characteristics and recommendations for staying strong as a lightworker provides useful guidance for anyone on a spiritual journey. It’s a comprehensive approach to fostering well-being and spiritual resilience.

  5. While the notion of lightworkers taking on roles such as healers or coaches is compelling, it raises questions about the intersection of spirituality and professional ethics. How do we ensure that such guidance remains beneficial and not exploitative?

  6. The sensitivity and compassion attributed to lightworkers are admirable qualities. However, the assertion that everyone will eventually become awakened seems rather idealistic. Human nature and societal influences are complex variables in this equation.

  7. The article provides an interesting perspective on the evolution of the term ‘lightworker.’ It’s noteworthy how it emphasizes personal development and spiritual awakening rather than any specific training or formal education. This could be seen as empowering for many.