Psychic Abilities Versus Intuition

Psychic Abilities Versus Intuition

Have you ever been standing by the phone when it rang, and you automatically knew who was calling without looking? Do you ever feel that you should take the backroads instead of the highway on a particular workday even though it might seem a little longer?  This is what is called intuition.

Intuition is something that every person has, and it is also called a gut feeling. This can be something that you decide at the last minute to do because of this small voice but as you learn to listen to this feeling, you will see your gift increase.

Having a psychic gift is similar to intuition and intuition is often called a psychic gift. A lot of people don’t realize that this is a gift, and some will not even pay attention to it. Psychic gifts are supernatural, and this happens also on the physical when people decide to use their intuition. Anyone can develop their psychic gifts just like any other talent.

Intuition is often known as part of the clair gifts, and it can be seen through things like claircognizance, clairvoyance and more.

Psychic Versus Intuitive

You don’t have to decide if you are a psychic or an intuitive but here are some of the examples of being an intuitive versus being a psychic:

Intuitive Gifts

  • When a problem comes up, you are able to come up with a solution out of nowhere.
  • You are out eating with someone that you know and out of nowhere you just know that she is going to order a steak meal with a baked potato.

Psychic Gifts

  • You are able to get information about an object just by holding it.
  • You are always wondering what your soulmate might be like and so you are looking and getting information which seems to come out of nowhere.

Making Your Psychic Gift Strong

Psychics have a natural gift, and they are part of the mystical world around them. They will work hard to make their gifts stronger and many of them use tools of divination such as astrology, crystal balls or more. Psychics can also be intuitives.

A psychic gift can take time to develop but as a person goes through different spiritual practices, or if they go through a major change or a trauma, sometimes the person will develop the gift faster. This doesn’t mean that someone will have the gift right away, it just means that it might not take them as long to embrace it.

There are many people that have different psychic gifts as children and they will see things like people or animals that aren’t there or they will see the aura around other people, even if they can’t explain it. This can cause someone to turn to the psychic gifts and to learn more about them as they are older and growing.

Some people are able to remember things form their childhood or they remember hearing voices speaking to them. They might even have been forced to get tested for mental illnesses but later find out that this is just their intuition talking and guiding them.

Just like someone that is musical needs to practice their music so that they can get better at it, developing your psychic gift is the same situation. If you want to have the strong skills as a professional psychic, practice to make your gift stronger.


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