Foods to Help with Your Psychic Gifts

Foods to Help

Everyone has a psychic gift but not everyone knows about their gift. Some will only find their gifts when they experience something hard. These can be some kind of life changing event that happens, a near death situation or even someone that meditates deeply.

When you have a psychic gift that you are aware of, chances are you already know that when you take care of your mind, body, and soul that you will increase your psychic gifts as well.

Why Use Your Psychic Gifts?

Psychic gifts are there to help you to better your life and the lives of those around you. It is a way that you can know who you are, and you can go deeper into your psychic self. You can listen to your inner voice and know that the more you do this, the stronger it will be.

How Does Food Help?

Food is a big part of your psychic gifts. You can use food to help you increase your powers and to have more wisdom. The closer that you are to your psychic self, the more you can use your gifts. Since food is made up of energy, choosing the right foods can benefit you.

Fresh Foods

Foods that have been in direct sunlight to grow can help to open up your inner self. It can help you to see things and to have visions. As your cells have this energy to be filled by these fruits, you will see that they can help to get rid of toxins in your body and in your spirit. It can clear your energy and it can help you to have peace with the world around you.

Some of the best foods that go in direct sunlight include:

• Pineapples.
• Berries.
• Melons.
• Bananas.
• Watermelon.


Organic vegetables are the best and they can help to open up your energy. If you need to get rid of anger, hate or hurt, you can increase your energies with vegetables like:

• Onions.
• Kale.
• Spinach.
• Carrots.
• Artichokes.
• Leafy greens.

Foods with Anti-Oxidants

There are many foods that have anti-oxidants that can help you to develop your psychic gifts and they can give your body energies such as:

• Ginger.
• Honey.
• Garlic.
• Turmeric.
• Cayenne pepper.


Meat is a food that is often used but should be limited. It brings pain to animals, and they have suffered in the killing of them for food. Most psychics believe that you shouldn’t eat meat at all, or you should limit it so that it doesn’t bring fear into your life or stop your psychic growth.

Other Foods

Foods that are organic and that are fresh can help you to develop your psychic gifts. When you are ready to eat these foods, make sure that you are eating your foods slowly and that you are sitting at a table. Pay attention to each flavor that you put into your mouth.

Be aware of the food and the table and things around you while you are eating and take in all of the senses. Be calm and collected and light a candle and put out flowers to make eating fun and exciting.


  1. This article is truly enlightening! It’s fascinating to consider the impact that food and meditation can have on our psychic abilities. The idea that fresh, sunlight-grown foods and organic vegetables can enhance our inner energies is both intriguing and inspiring. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of beneficial foods and the emphasis on mindful eating. This holistic approach to nurturing our psychic gifts is something I am eager to explore further. Bravo!

  2. What a wonderfully insightful post! The connection between diet and psychic abilities is a concept that I find both logical and profound. The comprehensive list of foods, from fruits and vegetables to spices with antioxidants, provides a practical guide for anyone looking to enhance their psychic development. The suggestion to practice mindful eating by being fully present at the table is a beautiful reminder of the power of intention in everyday activities. This article has certainly opened my eyes to new possibilities in personal growth.

  3. It’s interesting how the article connects food with psychic energy. However, it would be helpful to delve deeper into the scientific basis behind these recommendations to understand the mechanisms involved.

  4. The notion that dietary choices can enhance psychic abilities is intriguing. While the energy connection between food and mental state is plausible, more scientific research would be beneficial to substantiate these claims.

  5. The article provides a holistic approach to enhancing one’s psychic abilities through diet. The emphasis on fresh and organic foods aligns with general wellness principles, and it could be worth exploring further.

  6. While the concept of using food to enhance psychic gifts is novel, it’s important to approach such topics with a critical mind. Comprehensive studies would add a layer of credibility to these practices.