How Psychics Answer Questions

How Psychics Answer Questions

If you have ever considered going to a psychic but you are skeptical, you might wonder something like, “why can’t a psychic give me the winning lottery numbers?” The thing is, someone who asks this kind of questions doesn’t necessarily know or understand what a psychic really does.

Psychics have different talents, and they are able to use energies and senses to connect to the energies around a person or a thing. This is how they are able to make certain predictions. Even psychics that have the same gifts might not be able to use their gifts just like another psychic with that same gift. It is important that you understand this whenever you are going into a reading.

Things like tarot card reading or being clairvoyant are gifts that psychics have but the way that the psychic gets the information will be different than how another psychic will get the information. This means that a psychic might be able to talk to you about a path that you are going down and they might be able to see the layout of your life while another psychic might be on a totally different page because they see your energies differently.

There are times that a psychic can see exactly what is happening in the future for you, but this is a rare thing and most of the time psychics can give you information in bits and pieces and you have to piece this together or interpret what the spiritual world is trying to say.

Sometimes a psychic will not even be able to answer the question that the client is trying to find out but if they come to the reading open then they might find things that are hidden that the psychic can give them. This can put the client on the right track even if the client wasn’t aware of those things.


Psychic mediums are psychics that are able to connect with the spiritual world. This usually happens when a client wants to be able to connect with someone that they loved that has died. The problem is, it is up to the spirit to show up and sometimes spirits will do whatever they want. Some will push themselves into the room with you and the psychic so that they can communicate, and others don’t even know how to do that yet and so they might not be able to communicate with the psychic.

If you go to get a mediumship reading, it is important to not leave disappointed if the spirit is not able to communicate with you like you had hoped.


Predictions aren’t science and most psychics aren’t able to see exactly what is happening in real time in someone’s life, but they are able to see different paths and different truths that might be hidden. The energies that the client has can go into the spiritual world and the psychic is able to show the destiny and to help you know if you are on the right path, but you have to remember that free will plays a big role in each reading.

When free will is part of a reading, the outcome of the client can change. You can of course ask questions that are direct and hope that you get an answer that you want but the thing is that most readings are based on growth and being more aware of your life.

Asking Questions

Ask questions that you have and listen to whatever message that the psychic gives you. Make sure that you understand that the destiny can be based on who you are and what you do with your life later on.

Do the spiritual work that you need to do in your life in order to grow and in order to live out your life purpose and your destiny. If you aren’t sure what that spiritual work is, this is one great question that you can ask your psychic and get on the right path in your life.