Train to Be a Psychic

Train to Be a Psychic

Are you someone that wants to be a psychic? You might wonder if you can learn to be one. The truth is that you can grow your psychic gifts, or you can find your gifts if you aren’t sure that you have any. Here are some places you can go to train to be a psychic in an actual school:

Lily Dale

This is a spiritual center, and it can help you to find your psychic gifts. It has teachings that can be done weekly and will have events and series that can help you find your gifts. Things that are covered include:

  • Healing.
  • Wellness.
  • Transformation.
  • Natural world order.
  • Religion.
  • Rituals.
  • Arts.
  • Science.
  • Divination.

Arthur Findlay College

This is found in the United Kingdome and is one of the advanced spiritualism schools. You can go here if you are looking to find things such as:

  • Awareness.
  • Kindred spirits.
  • Spiritual ideas.
  • Psychic unfolding.
  • Spiritual philosophy.

Boulder Psychic Institute

This school is known to help you to be able to learn how to do readings and how to increase your gifts. You can take undergraduate classes and go to graduate programs. This gives you an idea behind beliefs and spiritual things. 

You can explore things like healing and the natural world, and they will teach you to manifest, do trance mediumship and communicating telepathically.

Atlantic University

This college can help you to connect with the spirit and the body. It offers programs that can help you to have holistic teachings. You can get a graduate degree or a certificate. This place also has non-credit programs. Some of the programs include:

  • Leadership.
  • Being mindful.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Hypnosis.
  • Dream interpretation.
  • Psychology.
  • Meditation.
  • Mentoring.
  • Spiritual mentoring.


This offers 130,000 video courses that are psychic courses. These can be eight hours or more. Here is what you can learn:

  • Psychic development.
  • Mediumship.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Meditation.
  • Channeling.
  • Tarot card readings.

Portland Psychic School

This school teaches you to meditate and to see things through psychic eyes. You can learn to manipulate energy and you can learn to heal your intuition. The psychic classes include meditation classes that everyone has to take before they can move on to other classes such as:

  • Psychic relationships.
  • Astral healing.
  • Intuition and healing.
  • Animal communication.
  • Art of the Seer Training.
  • Art of the Empath training.
  • Graduate training.

Mystic University

This college has a range of classes from healing to mysticism and transformation courses. They are for psychics that want to help others to find their peace and happiness. You can sign up and get access to all the materials they have. 

Each month new things are released and some of them include:

  • Spiritual communication.
  • Psychic development.
  • Manifestation.
  • Tarot readings.
  • Mediumship.

Clairvoyant Center in Hawaii

This school is one that will give you six-week series and will help to build a foundation for you. You can then proceed to a two-year program where you can increase your clairvoyant gifts.

The program has two-hour classes that go each week, and you have to do readings and get readings as practice. This will cover things like communicating with guides, how to fight psychic attacks, increasing your psychic gifts, astral projection, Akashic records, past life experiences and more.

Students can then try their own readings and can even gather with the students and teachers in California each year so that they can share their gifts with other people and learn and meet others.


  1. The Boulder Psychic Institute and the Atlantic University appear to take a multifaceted approach to psychic education, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. This seems to support serious academic inquiry alongside practical skills development.

  2. This article is a fascinating guide for anyone interested in developing their psychic abilities. The range of institutions you listed, from the historic Arthur Findlay College in the UK to the modern and flexible online platform of Udema, provides diverse options for various learning styles and needs. It’s encouraging to see such comprehensive programs that include everything from spiritual philosophy to practical applications like dream interpretation and animal communication. Thank you for this well-researched and informative piece!

  3. What an enlightening article! The detailed descriptions of these schools really highlight the depth and breadth of training available for aspiring psychics. I’m particularly intrigued by the Boulder Psychic Institute and its structured programs in trance mediumship and telepathic communication. It’s wonderful to see that there are even programs that cater to various aspects of psychic development, such as the holistic approach at Atlantic University. This is truly a valuable resource for anyone on their psychic journey!

  4. The existence of institutions like Lily Dale and Arthur Findlay College indicates a long-standing tradition in the study of spirituality and psychic phenomena. It would be interesting to learn about the methodologies employed in their teachings.

  5. The range of options presented in the article is quite diverse. Each institute seems to bring its own unique approach to psychic development. It might be worthwhile to research these schools further to understand their philosophies and methodologies.

  6. These schools appear to offer comprehensive programs that cater to various aspects of psychic abilities. From traditional spiritual philosophies at Arthur Findlay College to the more dynamic courses at Mystic University, there’s something for everyone interested in this field.

  7. It’s interesting to see how structured and academic some of these programs are. The inclusion of subjects such as psychology and leadership at Atlantic University is particularly noteworthy. It suggests a holistic approach to psychic development.

  8. The range of courses and specializations offered at these schools implies a serious commitment to the practice of psychic arts. It is surprising to see such organized academic structures dedicated to this field.

  9. The diversity of courses available on platforms like Udema and at schools like Portland Psychic School highlights the increasing accessibility and formalization of psychic education. The focus on meditation and mindfulness is particularly noteworthy for their relevance in contemporary psychological practices.

  10. The incorporation of modern technologies and platforms, like Udema’s extensive video courses, provides convenient access to learning resources. This could be particularly beneficial for those unable to attend physical classes.

  11. It is intriguing to note the variety of institutions dedicated to the cultivation of psychic abilities. The inclusion of traditional educational elements and holistic development aspects suggests a comprehensive approach to psychic training.

  12. The emphasis on both practice and theory across these institutions is commendable. Practical experience, such as the readings required at the Clairvoyant Center in Hawaii, seems essential for genuine skill development.