Open Up Your Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers

Everyone has psychic powers but the choice to tap into your powers is up to you. Sometimes you won’t know how your day is going to go but the truth is, you could figure it out if you could open up your psychic gifts.

Are You Psychic?

There are some people that know that they have psychic gifts even from birth. They embrace their gifts, and they use them each day. Other people hide their gifts, or they embrace them first but then something like loss or trauma happens and then they lose their gifts. Here are some signs that you could be psychic!

    • You feel that there is more to the world around you.
    • You’ve experienced Déjà vu.
    • You have prophetic dreams that come true.
    • You see things other people don’t see.
    • You sense that there are spirits around you.
    • You feel uncomfortable in your gut when something feels strange.
    • You get goosebumps and don’t feel alone.
    • You know things other people don’t know but you can’t explain why.
    • You smell the smells of loved ones that have died.
    • You see repetitive numbers.
    • You see signs and symbols.

If you have any of the gifts above it can be a sign that you are psychic and that you have a psychic gift.

Opening Up Your Psychic Gift

Just like your body, when you exercise your psychic gifts, they can be stronger. Here are some ways to open up your psychic gifts!

  • White Light Meditation

Meditation is very important when you want to open up your psychic gift. When you work with white light meditation it will help you to raise your vibrations and help you to connect with the spiritual world.

There are ways that you can call white light into your life by praying and visualizing things around you. Meditation is a way to focus your mind on peace and calmness and to have more clarity. Meditating can help to increase your psychic gifts.

Meditation is a state that people can get into, and you can use guided meditation, or you can go into your own meditative state. Doing this can help you to focus on what is important in your life.

  • Take Care of Your Body

It is important to take care of your body if you want your psychic gifts to shine. Exercise and eat healthily.

  • Check Your Aura

The color and brightness of your aura can tell a lot about your health and your psychic giftings. When you have a strong well being you can see this in your aura. If your aura is cloudy or dull it can mean you have something wrong in your mind, body, or soul.

  • Balance the Chakras

There are seven main chakras in your body and these chakras help your energy to flow correctly. When your chakras are flowing right, they are open and balanced, and this helps you to be healthy in your life. Opening your third eye chakra can help you if you want to reach into the spiritual world. Focus on this chakra when you are doing chakra balancing.

  • Help Others

Help other people with your psychic gifts. Connect with them. Volunteer your time. Find a class or a group that also shares their psychic gifts and try it out.

  • Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and your psychic gifts. Allow your gifts to give you signs, symbols and visions. Open your heart and your mind and trust whatever your intuition wants to show you.

  • Psychometry

Psychometry is the way that you can feel the energy of something or someone. Hold something in your hands and see if you can figure out where this item has come from. This item has likely come from someone that has a past and you should be able to read their energy if you get used to doing this practice.

Find items that you can get the exact history from and see what information you can get. Talk to the person that owned the item and see how right on you were. Keep practicing.

  • Connect with Your Guides

Take time to connect with your spiritual guides. Talking to them and communicating with them can help to make them closer to you. Your guides are there to guide you and protect you and help you down the right path in your life.

Open up your connection with the spiritual world and know that the spirits are there to help you with whatever you want or need.

  • Try Tools

There are different tools that you can try such as tarot cards, angel cards, crystals, pendulums and more.

  • Journaling

Journaling allows you to connect with yourself and with the world around you. Notice the dreams that you have and write them in your journal. Write about your intuition and how it guides you and how you listen to it. See if you have prophetic dreams or visions and write about them.

Keep your journal close to your bed and when you wake up from your sleep, write things down so that you don’t forget anything.

Keeping a journal is one way that you can connect with the spiritual world and there are different prophetic messages that you can get along the way if you’re open to them.


  1. The article presents an interesting perspective on how psychic abilities can be nurtured and developed. The steps mentioned are mostly about self-awareness and mindfulness, which can be beneficial even outside the realm of psychic beliefs.

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  4. The discussion about balancing chakras and checking auras appears to borrow heavily from holistic health practices. It’s fascinating how these concepts overlap with broader wellness themes.

  5. Psychometry, as described in the article, seems like a method to enhance one’s sensory awareness. It might be similar to how some people can get a sense of history from artifacts in museums.

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