Are You Psychic? Find Out Now!

Are You Psychic

There are different signs that you might be psychic, and you might have even started showing your gifts at an early age. If someone was always telling you how sensitive you are and making you feel negative, this could be a big sign.

Parents will sometimes tell their sensitive children not to be so sensitive and that they need to be stronger. They do this because they want their child to be able to survive mean things and mean places of the world. They might see that their child has big mood swings, that their child is shy or even mysterious. If you were that child though, you probably felt misunderstood by your parents.

Sensitivity can just be another word for being psychic. This is something that not everyone knows or realizes, and it can be confusing.

Signs You Might Be Psychic

Here are some early signs that you might be someone that is psychic:

  • You daydream often.
  • Have imaginary friends.
  • Have a strong connection to nature.
  • Have a strong connection to animals.
  • Are sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Know things without being told.
  • See figures or flashes of light around you.
  • Don’t open up to large groups.
  • Get overly stimulated by a lot of people.
  • Know things are going to happen before they do.
  • Have dreams that are real and come true.
  • Hear things other people don’t hear.
  • Like to be quiet.
  • Get overly emotional.
  • Are sometimes moody.
  • Influenced easily by the surroundings.
  • Attracted to spiritual things such as tools, crystals, angels, and other things.

There can be other signs too that you might be psychic. Psychics can sometimes sing, have natural gifts, work hard, are determined and more. There are many signs that you could be psychic, and the above list is just tip of the ice berg.


If you are someone that is psychic, chances are that you have strong intuition, or you would like your intuition to be stronger. Here are some ways that you can develop it:

Ask for Protection

You need to always ask for spiritual protection when you are doing any kind of spiritual world. Make sure that you are communicating with your guides and your angels and asking them to fill you with love and light and to put a shield around you. Spirits will respect your free will and you can talk or communicate with them as you please.

Be Receptive to Things

There are going to be things around you that you might not understand. These things are part of your psychic journey. Make sure that you are open to things that you don’t know and that you are willing to make your psychic muscle strong.

Create a place around you that is yours. Light candles, put out incense, play music that calms you or do whatever it takes for you to get into a place where you can listen in the spiritual arena. This can help you to meditate better and help you to receive messages from the psychic world.

The messages can come to you in a voice, or in a feeling. Listen to the messages that you get and learn to trust yourself. Do this each day and if you are a visual person, you might even get cues in your mind as visions or like a television screen. They might come for just a second and then go away fast. If you practice and you are getting these visions though, they might last longer.

Find Other Psychics

Find other people around you that are psychics or that believe in psychics. This way you won’t feel that you are being judged or treated poorly. Find people that make you safe and don’t threaten you or make you feel afraid. If you are just starting, let your confidence build as you surround yourself with these people.

If you are someone that is an empath, you will know when people agree with your lifestyle or when they don’t.

Know Your Abilities

Know the gifts that you have and if you are a psychic, know it. Remember, not everyone believes in psychics and the society that you live in might look down on these things. You need to find people in your life that are going to build you up and are going to listen to you beyond logic.

Don’t let your emotions control you or how other people look at you and learn to rise above this. Be vulnerable in your gifts and let this be part of who you are in your spiritual self.

If you listen to society and you believe everything it tells you then you are not going to be able to be happy. Know that society believes that only power and status are important but that isn’t true. There are other things that are going to happen in the world around you that you aren’t going to always believe in. A person that is developed spiritually will see that there are things that are more important in the spiritual realm than in the phyiscal.

If you can accept who you are and that you are a psychic, you will see that you can have power in the world around you. You will be able to show people who you are, and you will not be afraid of what people think of you.

People that are sensitive don’t always feel that they fit into the world and that is okay. You don’t have to be the same as anyone else. You don’t have to follow the norms and feel that you are socially unaccepted if you are who you are. Learn to be who you are no matter what other people are being.

If you feel that you are left behind or that you aren’t a leader because of who you are, be a leader anyways. Lead the world to where you want them to go.

Embrace the fact that you are a psychic and accept yourself. Learn to have respect for who you are and not worry about being different. Surround yourself around people that want to be different from you and that want you to show off your strengths. Let your talents guide you and allow yourself to go through your awakening.  Embrace who you are and embrace others around you.


  1. I found this article to be incredibly insightful and affirming. Many of the signs of being psychic mentioned here reflect my own experiences, which I have often struggled to articulate. The strategies for enhancing intuition and creating a safe, receptive space for spiritual development are practical and empowering. The encouragement to embrace one’s psychic abilities despite societal skepticism is particularly uplifting. This comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for anyone exploring their psychic potential.

  2. This article profoundly resonates with me. The idea that sensitivity can be a manifestation of psychic abilities is fascinating and aligns with my personal experiences. The emphasis on building a supportive community and embracing one’s unique gifts is crucial for anyone navigating their psychic journey. The practical advice on developing intuition through creating a calming environment and seeking like-minded individuals is both insightful and helpful. Truly, a well-rounded and enlightening piece!