Are You a Starseed?


A Starseed is a different kind of person, and they are people that have a strong spiritual self. They are from different realms and different planets than other people are from, and they have been talked about for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Starseeds have souls that will visit different realms and different planets and when they want to be a human to help others heal, they will let their soul go to earth. They want to make sure that the earth is evolving and that it is reaching its higher good.

Being on a mission to earth doesn’t mean that Starseed forgets where they came from, they don’t. They know where their soul is from, and they know that that is their home and that their mission is elsewhere.

Knowing If You are a Starseed

There are ways that you can know that you are a Starseed. Do you ever long to be in a different area or do you feel that people don’t understand you because you are an old soul, and you have different thoughts and knowledge? This could be a sign. Here are other signs:

Knowing Things

Starseeds are people that know things based on feelings and they are normally right. They are able to pick up the emotions and feelings of others easily.

Looking at the Stars

Starseeds love the stars because this is where their planets are from. They have a connection to them from the past or even from the future.  When you look at the stars, it is the only time that you feel that you belong.

Deep Feelings

You might have deeper feelings and you might wonder why you are on the earth. You have to discover your mission.

Not Belonging

Most Starseeds feel that they don’t belong and that they don’t fit in. They are people that sit back and look at things instead of working to make things happen. They have a harder time to fit in each time and people that should be in their social group don’t fit either.

Wanting to Go Home

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you might not feel like you are home. You might feel that you are stuck, and you can’t wait to get somewhere else.

Strong Senses

Most Starseeds have strong senses of being psychic or intuition. They are people that are able to see things that others cannot, and they are able to know things and make good decisions.

An Empath

Sometimes a Starseed will even be an empath. This means that they are able to pick up the feelings and thoughts of others without being told anything. This can be overwhelming.

Attracted to Animals and Babies

You might be someone that loves animals and babies, and they love you too. This is a sign that you are kind and loving and might be a Starseed.

Strong Spiritual Self

If you have a strong spiritual self, you get that from something or someone. Chances are that you are a Starseed, and you picked this up from the different realms as you learned new things.


Starseeds often love things that are fantasies such as mermaids or different world things. They love astrology and numerology as well.

Old Soul

An old soul is someone that has a lot of knowledge from nowhere. They seem older and act way older than other people. They always seem to know the answers and they don’t fit in because they are so smart.

No Drama

Drama is something that many people run to, but Starseed doesn’t have time for drama. They are interested in becoming a better person and changing the world for the better, not watching television or getting drunk.

What is Your Purpose?

You might know that you are on the earth for a reason, but you have a hard time finding your real purpose. Starseeds often know that they are drawn to something bigger, but they have a hard time figuring it out.


Police, government, and society might make you cringe. This happens because you want to have freedom and you want to see other people free. You may have a hard time keeping a job because of these strong feelings.


The main reason that you are on earth is because you want to see it as a better place. You serve others and you love them, and you want to see everyone have what is best for them.

Repeating or Angel Numbers

You might be someone that sees repeating or angel numbers such as 111 or 333. This can be a sign that you are going through your awakening, or you might already be a Starseed.

Kinds of Starseeds

There are different kinds of Starseeds including:

  • Pleidian: These come from Pleiades which is also known as the Seven Sisters, Messier 45 or even the Eye of the Bull. This is part of the Taurus sign. They act like humans but have spiritual emotions.
  • Sirian: This is a soul from Sirius A or B, two planets. You might be an Ascended master.
  • Andromedan: This is a telepathic group that has a mission to rescue people enslaved by Reptilians.
  • Arcturian: These are from Arcturus, a galaxy. They are fifth dimensional and mentally advanced.
  • Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystals: These are people that have different soul groups, and they are very supernatural and have psychic gifts such as empathy, shape shifting, telepathy and more.
  • Orion: They ask a lot of questions, and they love science and research.
  • Lightworker: They come to bring light of goodness and kindness to the world.
  • Atlantean: Found in the seas and are spiritually advanced. They can heal.
  • Reptilian: They are Draconian, shape shifters, Saurian and Lizard people.

Final Thoughts

If you feel that you are a Starseed, you might just be one. You are living in a changing world and energies change and shift all the time. You can figure out who you are and what connection you have with other planets by looking online.