What Kind of Clair Gift Do You Have?

Intuition and Clairsentience

Are you someone that is clairsentient and you never even realized it until now? Have you ever met someone, and you weren’t sure if you could trust them even though you didn’t know them? Have you ever felt that you need to leave somewhere because something might not be right? All of these are clairsentient signs.

Intuition and Clairsentience

Here are some traits of someone that is clairsentient:

  • Feel vibes in their stomach, good and bad.
  • Feel sensations in their body that pulls them a different direction.
  • Know things by how people respond or react.
  • Feel spirit guides around them.
  • Feel tingling sensations.
  • Sense spirits in the room.
  • Can know a persons character without really knowing other.
  • Can read energies.
  • Knows if someone is lying.
  • Pick up illness or anger or frustration.
  • You know when you walk into a room if an argument just happened.
  • You can feel good or bad vibes on certain properties.
  • You get sick more than others and you never know why.
  • You are moody.
  • Being around large crowds can drain you.

Being clairsentient can mean that you are able to pick up the thoughts and feelings that other people have. The moods that people have can come to you and this is what makes someone clairsentient.

How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

Being clairsentient often means that you will be an empath. This means that you are always picking up the energies of others. You have to learn to protect yourself and here is how:

  • Be grounded.
  • Stay clear.
  • Keep yourself connected.
  • Protect yourself.
  • Keep your energy inside.
  • Notice when energy changes and see if it’s your energy.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Trust yourself.

Having intuition and clairsentience can be very beneficial for you. If you have this though, you need to be open to the possibilities of needing to have more self-care than others. You will be able to notice red flags and you will know things about people and events that others might not know.

As you tap into your intuition you can use this to help you make good decisions and to guide others to do the same. Learn to develop your gift and protect yourself and you will be able to reach your ultimate calling.