Finding Your Mediumship Gift

mediumship gift

Once you accept that you are a psychic, this is a big deal but how do you accept that you have an inner mediumship gift? Learning about your psychic gifts can help to better your life. Being a psychic means that you can be a medium as well.

Understanding and Using Mediumship

A medium is a person that is able to speak into the spiritual world. They are able to communicate with spirits or dead people, but they are also able to feel and understand things that are in the spiritual world.

Mediums are able to talk to angels, spirit guides, animal guides and even aliens. People that have died and passed away can come to you and they can project their energies on you, and this is what a medium does.

Psychic Versus Medium

Every psychic isn’t a medium and not all psychics have mediumship gifts, but they are able to reach into the past, present and future. A psychic can read energy of people around them, but a medium goes even further. It is important to understand that there can be a difference between a psychic and a medium and even though all psychics aren’t mediums, all mediums are psychics.

Using Your Mediumship Gifts

Here are some things that you can do to reach your mediumship gift:

  • Find Out if You’re a Psychic

The first thing that you have to do is to find out if you even have psychic gifts. It is important that you learn the different gifts and what they mean so that you can know if you have one or not.

  • Psychic Gifts and Mediumship

You should be able to know if you are able to hear, see, smell, taste or feel spirits around you. This is part of understanding if you are a medium or not.

  • What Do You Feel?

Notice the things that you feel around you and as you understand your gifts, you can develop them.

  • Meditation

Meditation helps you to have a clear mind and when your mind is clear, you can reach into your mediumship gift. You will have control of your skills and once you create a place around you that allows the spirit to come, you can get to know them better.

  • Use Discernment

Know that there are different kinds of energies, and some can be angels, people, animals, or other spirits. You can use the gift you have to be more discerning.

  • Set Boundaries

If you find that you are a medium, make sure that you are setting boundaries so that you don’t have negative spirits come into your area. This can cause negativity to fill your life so never forget this part.

  • Write it Down

Take time to journal whatever you see happening around you. If you feel that you have reached a spirit, write it in your journal.

  • Notice Your Environment

Pay attention to the environment around you and if changes come. By understanding that energies are around you and by noticing your environment, you can be more aware of the spiritual world.

  • Learn

Learn as much as you can about mediums and read as many articles as possible that you can find on this gift. You can get better as you learn new things.

  • Develop Your Skills

Some people might not embrace your gift so find people that you trust that will help you to practice your mediumship skills. Don’t let them get you down if they don’t believe you.

  • Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is important. Some things that you need to do are:

  • Setting boundaries.
  • Grounding.
  • Centering yourself.
  • Keep your physical self-strong.

If you have headaches, destructive behaviors, depression, substance abuse or other things come creeping in, you aren’t taking care of yourself right.

Don’t Overuse Your Gift

Make sure that you don’t see your mediumship gifts as a superpower but that you embrace it and use it right. You are using this gift to make everyone around you have a better life. Don’t get selfish or egotistical.

  • Set Good Intentions

Set good intentions that you use when reaching into the spiritual world. Use your gift at appropriate times and don’t push yourself into the lives of those that don’t want to deal with spirits. If someone is grieving, don’t just call on their spirit, let them come to you and always respect others.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice

Learn about your gifts and learn to practice so that you can become confident in your gift. Everything needs to be practices. Look at your gift, read about your gift, practice your gift, and give readings to other people. As you do this you will grow your gift. But you will never be perfect and so don’t expect to be.

Practicing can help you to be more accurate in your skills, but you have to learn to let these things come into your life. You have to experience and recognize things that happen to you. You might have things happen to you that don’t happen to others, and this is okay.

Understand Your Sense of Discovery

Discover and access your gifts. Let your skills come out and try to learn and feel whatever is going on around you. As you get used to these thing, pay attention to them and let them become familiar to you.

A psychic will learn to pay attention to what is happening around them in the physical world and in the spiritual world. Take time to meditate and notice spirits around you. Journal what you feel and keep practicing no matter what.

Understand the messages that the spirits are trying to give you and learn that you can communicate and how to do that. By having a sense of discovery, you will be responsible and stay grounded and you will learn that the spiritual world is important for you and your clients.

Always consider what happens in a reading and realize that people are going to be vulnerable that come to you for help. Do your best not to hurt the person getting a reading and as you ask for information about their dead loved one, be compassionate and kind.

Set your intentions and be careful how you use your gift so that you can help others and you can benefit people with the messages that you get.