When You Don’t Listen to Your Intuition


Your intuition is very important because it helps to guide you from bad things and to keep you safe. It also helps you to be able to make good decisions. Your intuition is always trying to communicate with you but when you let distractions come then you might begin to ignore your intuition.

When you get distracted and you start ignoring your intuition and your feeling, you are no longer being yourself and you will have to deal with the consequences of this.


Your intuition is there to protect you. It is linked to your subconscious mind, and this is what helps you to stay safe and protected. The subconscious mind will use the intuition to send you signals to warn you to avoid things that can hurt you.

If you are someone that is addicted and you struggle with this, you might be someone that ignores the signs that your intuition has for you. You choose to take your drugs instead and you feed into your addiction while ignoring the power of your intuition.

When your intuition tells you something is wrong, you let yourself be distracted by the drug of your choice and you miss out on your inner voice.


When you are someone that is in an addictive situation, your intuition will try and show you that you are being destructive to yourself. You will see that your addictive behavior is a pattern that is dangerous, and your intuition is trying to warn you.

When you pay attention to this, you will pick up on messages and see the signs just like someone coming to do an intervention on you. Your intuition wants you to listen and wants you to tune into yourself.

It is easy to ignore your intuition and to not listen when you are under the influence, but this is just one way that you are destroying yourself and you aren’t doing what is best for you. You have to deal with circumstances that are hard for a time, and this can mean that you have bad luck, that you make bad decisions and more. Ignoring your intuition will cause you to have pain in your life. When you listen to your intuition you can turn things around.

Final Thoughts

Being in an addictive situation is dangerous. It can cause pain to yourself and to those around you that love you. Your intuition wants to help you through this and wants you to wake up and to stop using these things.

The inner life and the inner voice that you have can help you to get rid of destructive and dangerous habits and to live your best life. Focus on your intuition and let it guide you in both your behaviors and in your actions. Reverse the harm that you have already done to yourself and use your intuition to help you defeat these bad habits that you have picked up.