Is A Psychic Diet for You?

Is A Psychic Diet for You?

If you want to connect with your psychic abilities, do you need to follow a special diet? Some think you do.  If you do some research on the topic of a psychic diet you will see information of about the glands and their relation to intuition.  It’s a lot to swallow but what do you really need to know?

The psychic diet is said to contain a lot of nutrient dense foods  like fruit and vegetables.  Some feel that this helps enhance intuition because these foods are called “high vibrational” foods. These are important because they help psychics and mediums connect with spirit energies.

A psychic diet has a low meat content, features a lot of produce and limits  processed foods and junk foods.  Most of these psychic diets prohibit alcohol and may eliminate caffeine.

Why no meat?

Some say that the psychic diet should limit or eliminate meat to enhance you senses.   Veganism and vegetarianism is a choice and should be thoroughly researched to see if it will meet all of you needs. The reasons to exclude meat may be because the emotions that animal experienced may be passed on to the person consuming them.   Another reason  is that it takes a lot of energy to process meat, and the body can’t focus on much else other than processing the food.

If you do make the choice to go meat free, make sure you get the nutrients you need from fat and protein.

Why to stay a carnivore

Some people cannot thrive on a vegetarian diet.   Some feel that their blood type determines what they need from their diet.  Regardless of your ultimate choice, you may want to try organic proteins.  No diet will cause you to lose your spiritual gifts.  It is up to you to determine what to eat to make you feel your best. This may require some experimentation.  Consuming alcohol is up to you.

No one should ever consume alcohol before providing a psychic reading.  This is because alcohol will lower your ability to keep up your energy fields.  This goes for anything that may alter or impair your judgement.  Any alcohol you consume on your days when you are not giving a reading is solely up to you.

As far as other beverages go, it is important that you stay hydrated. This is because it will help you stay at your sharpest and at your best.  Some prefer water only, while some say that herbal tea is the way to go.  Hydration is important.

As far as caffeine goes, it is up to you and your personal tolerance for mild stimulants.  Processed and low nutrition, high calorie foods offer the body very little, and, thus are no good for anyone.

If you have scheduled a reading, use some common sense. You wouldn’t want to eat a huge meal before going for a run or a workout, so you shouldn’t weigh yourself down  prior to using your psychic energies.  Drink fluids and eat sensibly, just as you would for any focused undertaking.

A psychic diet should help you feel good and at your best both emotionally and physically.  If you feel well, you will be able to give a better reading.