Using Your Shadow to Change

Using Your Shadow to Change

If you can embrace your shadow self, then you can see that this is one of the fastest ways to reach the spiritual point in your life that you want to reach. This is a way that you can stop suffering and that you can learn to be happy.

Sigmund Freud talks about how you can look at your subconscious and see parts of yourself that you don’t like. Carl Jung called this the shadow self.

We often let our shadow self-take control of us, and we refuse to embrace it because we don’t want to upset our family, friends or even society. We see that we can suppress these feelings because we think that is what we are supposed to do.

When you do shadow work and learn to embrace your dark side, you can see that it can help you to go through your awakening.

Changing the shadow into being human and living life is one way that you can be your best self. This is the way that you can increase your psychic powers and become stronger.

It is important that you are honest with yourself and that you understand that shadow work is never nice. You have to be brave to face this and there are going to be parts of yourself that you wish that you didn’t have to face.

Embracing Your Shadow Self

The shadow is the parts of you that are dark. You often don’t want to face these things. These can be issues with money or sex. This can be with power. These things don’t go away.

What Repels Us

When you become brave enough to face your shadow, you realize that you can use this as a positive thing. You can see the qualities that bother you and face them in a healthy way.

Once you embrace change then you will see that it can be exciting and fun. You can use spiritual practices to better who you are.

Working with Shadow Things

There are three things that we often have to face such as sex, money, and power. These things can control our lives and cause us to feel bad about who we are. These are the forces in our lives that affect who we are and what we do.

Money, power, and sex are three areas of our lives that we often ignore. We get over our baggage when we are able to let go of our insecurities and embrace things that we have kept hidden.

We all want to have change and we all want to be more aware of our lives. This is a way that we can face who we are and be better people.

Having emotional integrity can help us to be smarter and help us to be stronger.


Learning to embrace your shadow self is so important and can help you to reach the spiritual place that you want to be in life.