Understanding the Different Psychic Gifts of the Clairs

Understanding the Different Psychic Gifts of the Clairs

If you know anything about psychic giftings then chances are that you have heard about the clair gifts. These are gifts that you can use that will help you to sense things and help you to increase your intuition.

Spiritual information that you receive is something that is all around you and sometimes you can tune into it like a television show or a radio and the information can just come to you.

Having the clair giftings means that you are able to get information beyond your regular five senses and some people call this a sixth sense.

Clair Giftings

There are six different clair giftings that a psychic can get and here they are:


If you are clairvoyant it can mean that you are able to see things beyond using your eyes. This can mean that you are able to get visions and to see things flashing before you. Chances are that you will be able to use this gift to see in the past, present or even sometimes the future.


When you are clairaudient it means you are able to hear things. This comes in the form of voices or sounds that come through your mind.

Some people that are clairaudient are considered telepathic because they can read the minds of others and hear them as if they are being talked to.


When you just know something and you do not have any reason of knowing it, it can mean you are claircognizant. People with this gifting are able to know when something is happening or to know things about situations without anyone telling them.


Being clairsentient means that you are able to feel things about those around you. If someone close to you is sick, you can feel the sickness sometimes even on your own body. This information allows you to know more about the people around you.


Clairgustance means that you are able to taste something even when you aren’t eating, and nothing is there. Chances are you can taste things like fruit, meat or even something sweet like chocolate, as if you are eating it. This can happen when spirits are close to you.


Being Clairalient means that you are able to smell things that are not there. For example, if your grandpa always smoked cigars, you might smell these cigars even years after your grandpa died.


Do you have any of the clair gifts? Take time to know who you are and what giftings you have. This can help you to know what you need to work on and what you need to do to develop your gifts.

Take time to relax and concentrate on the world around you. Do you hear or see something that comes from your mind? Do you smell or taste something? Take time to write this down in your journal so that you can open up your intuitive skills. Getting information from your senses can make your intuition stronger and help you to know what energies you are working with.