Signs You are a Psychic

Signs You are a Psychic

Psychics have extra powers that other people do not, and they can use these powers so that they can see things that are not in front of them. They can see things with their mind and spirit that other people are not able to see.

Sometimes, psychics are able to travel out of their body with astral projection or they are able to bring healing to others with what they see.

People are all given the psychic gift sings but not everyone will use them and sometimes a psychic needs to know that they are making the right decisions. A psychic should have strong intuition and abilities and they should be able to do things that other people cannot because they are practiced and strong.

Knowing If You Have a Psychic Ability

If you have a gifting, chances are that you will see the light differently. You might see the light as blue or red and feel that this color light surrounds you.

If you have this gift, this could mean that you are psychic.

Gut Feelings

Having a strong gut feeling when something happens is one things that sets people apart from being a psychic and not.

If you are able to feel something in your spirit and go a certain direction because you just know, you will see that you are trusting your gift and using it the right way.


Some psychics are able to feel things into the future and predict what is going to happen. This is a sure sign that you have a psychic gift.

You do not have to predict things that are big, you might just be able to know who is calling when the phone rings.


Everyone dreams but not everyone has vivid dreams. If you are a psychic and you are dreaming about someone and it seems so real, then the next day you run into that person, this could have been a sign to you.

You might even dream during the day and do daydreaming that brings certain thoughts to your mind that come true.

Be understanding of your dreams and see if you are always having these dreams that you might be psychic.


Psychics normally have extra senses that other people do not. If you feel that you have a gift and you can finish off what someone is saying or know what someone is feeling without them telling you, chances are that you are telepathic or an empath.


If you are very strongly emotional or that you feel that you know what everyone around you is thinking or feeling, you might be an empath. This can mean that you pick up on the feelings and emotions of places and people around you.

Sometimes empaths worry that their emotions are theirs, but they belong to the people around them.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is another sign that you could be psychic. When you see things that you have never seen before or you see people that you have never met but you feel that you know them, this can be déjà vu.


You might be psychic if you have any of the giftings above and you have to learn to embrace your gifts and to work with them to make them stronger. Use your abilities to help yourself and to help others around you.