Knowing and Loving Your Psychic Gift

Loving Your Psychic Gift

Everyone has some kind of gift when they come to the world such as painting, music, healing, being a leader, taking care of others, being able to organize events and so much more. Some of the gifts that we have put us in different categories while some have just one gift that they are very good at. Even as you grow, you will see that other people have similar gifts but that you are totally different than those around you.

There are gifts that are necessary and powerful, and they are important. These gifts allow you to see and feel deep things. The gifts help you to connect with the universe and to show you that you are important.

Psychic Gifts

A psychic gift isn’t something that you can just put in a box. It is a hard thing to define. Gifts are something that come from behind the earth and into the universe. These gifts are full of wisdom, ideas, visions and more. They are more than just the five senses. These are gifts that work with the sixth sense.

Kinds of Psychic Gifts

Psychic gifts are different and many of them have to do with the clair gifts. This can be clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, Clairgustance, claircognizance and clairalience. When your third eye opens which is part of your chakras, you will have more intuition. This is an inner knowing that you have.


This is a gift of being able to clearly feel things. You will be able to pick up the thoughts and emotions that other people have. This will help you to understand them. Sometimes you will have to use your intuition with these gifts.


Clairaudience is the gift of clear hearing. This means that you are able to hear things that others cannot hear. You can listen to the thoughts that people have or even hear things in the spiritual realm.


Clairvoyance is clear seeing. This means that you can see visions or things that are not physically in front of you. This can be like watching a movie.


This is clear tasting. This gift allows you to pick up information through taste. Even if there is nothing in your mouth, you might be able to taste different flavors and recognize them as important.


This gift is clear knowing. This is when you are able to know information that no one has told you.


This is the gift of clear smelling. When you have this gift, you are able to smell things in the spiritual realm and things around you. This can be a sign of someone that has died being close to you.

There are other psychic gifts including mediumship which is being able to reach into the spiritual world, telepathy that means you read the minds of others, telekinesis where you can move things with your mind and teleportation which means you can move from one place to the other without actually being there.

Knowing Your Gifts

Do you have a psychic gift? You can know what your gifts are by what you are feeling. Do you hear things that aren’t there, or do you see visions? Are you able to know what someone is feeling just by walking by them? As you get different signs, you will know what your gifts are and how to use them.

Some have gifts that they never use because they aren’t really sure what the gifts are. They embrace the idea of having a gift, but they don’t take it very seriously. You have to be willing to be taught and to learn new things.

Final Thoughts

People have gifts and they have to awaken them to be able to use them. These gifts can come to you the same way that you have learned to do other things and the same way that you are creative.

Everyone has gifts that are in them they just need to let them out so that they can use them to their full advantage.