How to Become an Empath

Become an Empath

Are you a person that people talk about because you are such a good listener, and they feel like they can tell you anything? Are you able to know what someone is thinking or feeling before they even talk to you? If so, chances are that you are an empath. There are more signs that can show you if you are an empath, keep reading!

Do you ever go around someone that is upset, and you notice that you also feel sad? Do you know when you started to feel that way? When you feel sorry for someone that is upset, this is called empathy. But if you start feeling as sad as the person is, maybe even to the point that you, yourself are in tears, you are probably an empath.

Understanding an Empath

Being empathetic is not the same as being an empath. Anyone can be empathetic when it comes to someone and their feelings but when you pick up the emotions and feelings of others and you feel those exact feelings inside of you, you are probably an empath.

An empath is someone that is often known as a sponge because they pick up the feelings and emotions around them.  This means that they can be happy around people that are full of joy or sad around those that are depressed or heartbroken.

What is the Empathy Scale?

There is a thing called an empathy scale and this means that there are people that are not able to even feel emotions other than their own such as a sociopath or narcissist. They are people that are not able to feel anything for anyone else. On the other hand, there are people that feel everyone’s emotions, including their own and these people are sometimes called super empaths. These super empaths get so wrapped up in the feelings of others that they are not always able to know if the feelings are theirs or someone else’s.

An empath is also known as a highly sensitive person or an HSP. This means that they are very sensitive to the world around them and to feelings and senses. This can cause them to have strong emotions and even to be unhealthy at times in trying to figure out how to cope with these feelings.

Empaths are not scientifically discovered and not everyone believes in them. The hard part is that there is not a lot of data that helps people to understand the personality type of an empath and so it is a hard thing to define or to explain. People have different feelings on what an empath is, and some believe that they are gifted while others believe that they are just people that are codependent.

How is an Empath Made?

It is hard to understand if an empath is someone that has picked up a genetic gene or if the world around them helped them to be more aware. Most believe that these people icked up some of the empathy at birth and then developed it more as they got older.

Having empathy is something that is learned, according to different research and someone can learn to be empathetic even as young as toddler age. But being an empath is not really a choice but having empathy is. You can learn to have care and love for others, or you can learn to be passive about it.

Are There a Lot of Empaths?

Most of us know someone that is easy to talk to and someone that is overly sensitive. Empaths are probably rarer than people know, and some believe that there are only about 2% of empaths in the world. This is of course based on self-studies and is not scientific.

There is a study called synesthesia which means that someone feels a touch that is given to someone else. This person is thought to experience empathy because the brain confirms that the person is feeling a physical touch that is not their own. There are highly sensitive people that have been studied with this phenomenon and it is about 10 to 15% of people.

Benefits of Being an Empath

There are both benefits and downfalls of being an empath. An empath that is a teacher or a doctor that can show love and compassion to those that need it is very important. They are able to pick up on the emotions of children, sick people and more and help them.

The problem with being an empath is that they often put their own needs last and they take care of others first. This can cause them to face things in their own life such as depression, stress and other health problems.

Being empathetic and caring is not something negative, but it is important that the empath learns to not let the pains of others cause them to shut down and to remove themselves from life.

Do You Have Empath Qualities?

You can look at the empathy scale and see where you are on the scale based on how you relate and love others. Going one far side to the other can be unhealthy but if you have a middle ground area of empathy then you are probably not an empath.

Here are some other signs that you might be an empath:

  • Commercials make you cry and so do emotional movies. You have a hard time watching them because they give you strong feelings.
  • You need to spend a lot of time alone because you get drained easily.
  • Helping people is one of the biggest qualities that you have, and you enjoy it. You might be in a career of helping others such as a teacher or a counselor.
  • You are sensitive to the way things smell, hear and even feel. You might have a hard time wearing things that are made of wool or other scratchy materials or have a hard time being in a room where the smells are strong.
  • You listen well to people that need help. They are able to open up to you about all of their problems.
  • Being alone allows you to calm down and feel better when you are stressed.
  • You are able to bond with people and build strong relationships with others. You are someone everyone can depend on.
  • Romantic relationships are hard because you become emotional, and you lose your sense of self.
  • You have a hard time breaking off connections with people and can sometimes even become clingy.
  • Picking up cues is one thing you are good at. You know when someone is lying or when someone is going through something hard without them even telling you about it.
  • As you go around people experiencing things, you will feel these things in your body. If someone is sick, you might feel it or if they have a rash, you might need to scratch.

How to Live Your Life as an Empath

Empaths are people that need to be strong and need to make sure that they have a lot of self-care. Being overwhelmed is easy as an empath and when you are always giving to others but not getting things in return, it can be time that you need to ask someone to step in and help you for a change.

You will probably experience a wide range of emotions and you need to make sure that you are mindful of where the feelings are coming from. If you find that you are emotional, see why and see how you are experiencing it.

Do things that keep you grounded so that you can be strong in your mind and body. Try things such as meditating and taking a yoga class.

If you need to have more self-love, try to get therapy. Talking to someone can help you to develop skills that can help you to set boundaries and to make sure that you are taking care of yourself while you are taking care of others.

Can You Choose to be an Empath?

No one is really sure if you can choose to be an empath or not, but you can show more empathy to others. Work on being compassionate and caring. Overcome challenges in your life and practice listening. Talk to people that you love such as friends and loved ones and be active when you talk to them.