Finding Your Divine Gift

Divine Gift

People often seek out guidance because they want to increase their intuition. Others find guidance because they want to figure out what kind of psychic gift they have.

Many people think that everyone is born with a psychic gift and intuition is one of these gifts. Trusting yourself is one of the biggest steps into increasing your intuition and without self-trust, you will not be able to increase this gift. It is important that you learn to believe in yourself and then as you express your trust and your self-love, you will see that you can have these strong gifts.

Are You Psychic?

Psychic gifts are things that people don’t understand. Some people can talk to the spiritual worlds but being a psychic doesn’t mean that you can do this. All gifts are different and being a psychic can be some small gift or some large gift, but they are all important.

The best way to figure out your psychic gift is to understand how the gifts can show in your life. There are different gifts called the clair gifts and these are gifts that can affect your different senses and help you to know or feel things that you normally wouldn’t. These are psychic gifts that can come to different people and can increase your senses and your intuition.

Clairvoyant Gift

This is a psychic gift that means to see things clearly in the spirit world. This can be visions that you have, or it can be other gifts such as:

  • Messages that you get through your senses.
  • Daydreams or visions.
  • Déjà vu.
  • Strong imaginations.

Clairsentient Gift

This is a psychic gift that means clear feeling. This gift means that you know things without having a real clue as to why or how. These are some things that you might have with this gift:

  • Get a feeling something is going to happen, and you cannot explain why.
  • You feel connected to energies of people, emotions, and things.
  • You can tune into your own body and know when something isn’t right.
  • You tune into the emotions of others and know when something is wrong.
  • You have impeccable instincts.

Clairtangent Gift

This is a psychic gift that gives you information when you feel or touch something. Here are some ways you know you have this gift:

  • You channel energy.
  • You know where an item has been that you have never seen before.
  • You get messages through visions.
  • You daydream or have vivid dreams.
  • You visualize often.
  • Have a strong imagination.
  • You see things like a movie.

Claircognizant Gift

This gift allows you to know things without someone telling you. Here is what happens with this gift:

  • You get messages in your mind.
  • You are inspired to create something.
  • You are someone that gives great advice.
  • You listen well.

Clairaudient Gift

This is a psychic gift that means clear hearing. You can hear things in the spirit world with this gift. Here are other things that can happen:

  • You learn better when you hear things.
  • You get messages from the spirit world.
  • You have a deep connection with music.
  • You connect deeply with animals.
  • You tune into yourself.
  • You have conversations with your mind.
  • You have strong instincts.

Using Your Clair Gifts

You can use your clair gifts to help you to be strong. If you want to increase your gifts, you can do that. You can take a class, talk to another psychic or try these things:

  • Keep a journal.
  • Write a dream journal.
  • Try to trust sounds and feelings that come to you.
  • Practice tuning into the world around you.
  • Write down anything strange that happened to you.
  • Listen for messages.
  • Use your imagination.
  • Practice affirming yourself each day.


  1. The detailed breakdown of different psychic gifts in this article is both fascinating and informative. It’s refreshing to see a rational discussion around such a mystical subject, and the practical advice for honing these gifts is particularly useful. The variety of clair abilities outlined shows that psychic gifts are diverse and unique to each individual, which is a comforting thought for those on their personal spiritual journey.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Johnson. The article provides a comprehensive understanding that can guide both beginners and those more experienced in their psychic development. I found the sections on clairsentient and claircognizant gifts particularly enlightening as they resonated deeply with my personal experiences.

  2. This is an incredibly enlightening article on the various psychic gifts. I appreciate how it categorizes the different types of clair abilities and provides clear, practical ways to recognize and enhance them. The emphasis on self-trust and self-love as foundational components in developing intuition is particularly profound. This is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring their intuitive capacities.