Do You Have These Psychic Gifts?

Psychic Gifts

Everyone has some kind of psychic gift. Some people know their gifts while others aren’t sure what they are. You can develop your gifts to make them stronger.

Types of Psychic Gifts

Here are some of the psychic gifts that you might know about or have:


This is a gift that means “clear seeing.” This means that you are able to see things in the spirit world. Some people see visions and others are given the gift of seeing symbols and other things. This is part of your third eye chakra.

The visions that you see will come to your mind as pictures or places. Some people will see spirits, and some will see symbols.


Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” This gift means that you are able to hear things into the spiritual world. These messages come to you from your spirit guides or from things in the spirit world. Most people with this gift hear the messages right in their mind.

Some will hear voices, and some will hear music. These are voices and sounds that can be active all the time.


This gift means “sensing emotion.” This gift means that you can tell what someone is feeling or thinking without even hearing them say anything. This means that you are probably an empath and can pick up the feelings of others.

The emotions that you are able to pick up will be peace, joy, happiness, anger, fear and more.


This gift means “sensing feelings.” This gift works with someone that has strong intuition. This means that you are able to feel the emotions that other people have or even emotions that spirits have. This can be a good feeling or a negative feeling.

The feelings that you feel are not the feelings that are yours, but they belong to other people or things. These feelings can help to warn you that something is wrong or they can help you to know that something good is going to happen.


Clairalience is the “sense of smell.” This is a smell that you will pick up in the spirit world. This smell comes from spirits and sometimes when people smell these things, it can be a message. A spirit might send you a message through a scent that helps you to know that a spirit is trying to communicate.


This is the gift of “sense of taste.” This is when a person can taste things that come from the spirit world. These taste can be different flavors so that the spirit world can send a message to your body.


This gift means “clear touching.” This can mean that you are able to touch something and know everything about the object. This is also called psychometry. This gift allows you to pick up the vibrations from the object and know everything about it.

Final Thoughts

All of the gifts above are psychic gifts. People have been using their gifts for their whole life. The gifts might be as small as a gut feeling or as big as being able to see into the future. Embrace your gifts.