Developing Your Clairsentience

Developing Your Clairsentience

Have you ever had strong feelings come on you and you know that you have no real reason to have these feelings? Or maybe you are always feeling sensations stronger than you think you should. Are you able to discern things that most people never even question or do you feel that you are tuned into the spirit world because you hear voices in your mind?


Clairsentience is a psychic gifting that means clear sensing. This is part of the clair gifts such as clairvoyant or clear seeing, clairaudient or clear hearing and claircognizant that means clear knowing. These are beyond what you feel with your five senses and are very special gifts.

Clairsentience is an emotional feeling that comes to your physical body. This can be a strong feeling that washes over you to the point where your emotions are confusing. Sometimes, you might even wonder if you are able to trust your feelings or if you are just overly sensitive.

The truth is, when you get information from the spirit world, it can allow you to focus on what is going on around you without much information.

Recognizing Clairsentience

There are different ways that you can recognize if you have the gift of clairsentience and here are some ways:

  • Physical symptoms (sweating, hair standing on end, sweaty palms, stomach aches).
  • Feeling ill.
  • Having an uneasy feeling without explanation.
  • Feeling the need to change plans without knowing why.

If you feel that you are having any strange feelings, here are some things you should ask yourself:

  • What caused me to have the feelings I had?
  • Are the feelings my own or do they belong to someone else?
  • Who was I thinking about before those feelings came?
  • What was I thinking about before those feelings came?


One part of being clairsentient is that you might also be an empath. An empath is someone that can feel the emotions of other people or of things. This can come in the form of feelings or even actual, physical pain.

When you are able to feel the emotions of others, it can be coupled with feelings of compassion. The problem with being an empath is that sometimes you are not able to stop yourself from being overwhelmed and you have to learn to clear your mind and your emotions.


If you are always picking up the energy of people or things around you, this can be called overactive empathy. This is harder for you to turn off, but you can clear your energies so that you can stay calm and collected when you have this gift.

Depending on what kind of work you do, you might need to look into blocking or mirroring to help keep you healthy and strong.

If you feel that you are always picking up the emotions to the point where you are confused if they are yours or someone else’s, chances are that you need to be more aware of your own energy.

Do not stop being an empath but learn to see how it affects you and makes you feel. You can learn to open up your third eye and to keep your chakras strong and this will allow you to be strong in your bod, mind, and emotions.


Another gift that some clairsentients have is the gift of psychometry. This is a gift where you can feel the energy of objects just by picking them up or by going into a room.

Not every clairsentient has this gifting but if you do, chances are you can pick up the energy of someone that wore a piece of jewelry, such as a great aunt, or someone that had something bad happen in a home that you visit.

Psychometry can pick up personality traits off of objects more and can tell you a lot about other people.


Some clairsentients are able to pick up scents and fragrances of others and can sense the energies with it. This can happen with loved ones that have passed over.

If you have lost someone that you love and you suddenly smell their scent, chances are the spirit world is telling you things are okay.


Some clairsentients are very sensitive to touch. They feel changes when they touch others and they are able to understand and embrace Reiki. Even when getting a massage or doing healings, a clairsentient can be very sensitive to the changes of others.

Sometimes, a clairsentient can touch someone and know if the body needs healed. Most of the time, a clairsentient will not experience visions but will experience things with their guides through touch and feelings.

Being able to feel another person’s pain can be helpful sometimes and allow you to reach out to them and help them.


One thing a clairsentient might experience is sadness. Maybe you have had a great day and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you begin to feel sad or upset. This can happen because you are feeling sadness from other people.

If someone says, “let’s do this,” and you feel upset or a sudden stomachache, chances are you should not go with them and you should listen to your intuition.

Ask yourself questions and find out if you should or should not do what your feelings are telling you not to do. Ask yourself, “are these feelings my own?” Then think about all of the people around you and notice if the feelings are coming from you or not.

Developing Clairsentience

If you want to develop your clairsentience the best thing that you can do is to not resist it. You have to learn not to hide your feelings and not to be doubtful.

Learn to feel and trust your body. When you learn to trust yourself, you will receive messages that you never expected to get. This can help you to understand and be in control of your feelings. Listening is going to be your choice and if you want to develop your gifts and move forward, you have to listen.


There are many signs that come with being clairsentient and if you have realized that you might have these giftings, ask yourself questions and explore your emotions.

You will see that you can develop your gifting and use it to help you to have a happier and more fulfilled life.