Cultivate Your Psychic Abilities with these 8 Easy Exercises

Cultivate Your Psychic Abilitie

Do you feel like everyone in your life has psychic talents but you?  Fear not, for everyone has spiritual gifts, but they may be dormant or blocked for some reason.  Psychic abilities, like any skill set, can be developed and nurture with hard work, a loving heart, and patience.  If you want to see beyond the material world in which you physically reside, there are exercises you can do beginning today!  Once you waken and train your abilities you will be able to experience worlds and dimensions far beyond your daily life.  This knowledge will help you become more aware of your inner world, and the communities in which you are active.  As you use your talents to help yourself and others, you will be able to create meaningful and lasting changes that will foster a more generous, loving, productive and harmonious collective mindset.

We have collected eight simple, yet powerful exercises for people beginning their psychic and intuitive journey.  Although we are providing novice-level guidance, we urge you to seek out additional resources to hone your abilities and awaken your full psychic potential.  In particular, consider searching out a mentor either in person or online to help guide you only your path. As you undertake these exercises ensure that you begin and end by grounding yourself.  Go slowly, there is no timeline for success, so don’t feel compelled to rush through anything.  Trust your inner wisdom to set an appropriate pace for you.

Exercise 1 – Energy Ball:

Take your palms and face them towards each other, about 18 inches apart.  Begin to sense a wad of energy between them.  Begin to instinctively shape this wad into a ball.  Allow the energy ball to expand and contract and let your hands move along with the size changes.  Sense what size, color or texture you want this energy ball to feel like, but ensure your hands remain connected to the sensation and flow of the energy.

Exercise 2 – Interconnectedness:

Stand quietly in a private space.  Sense a cord beginning to travel down from the heavens.  Allow it to enter your head, and feel it travel down your spine and out the soles of your feet.  With your third eye, see the cord then leave your feet and burrow deep into the earth to its core.  Let yourself feel anchored to the planet, yet bonded to the spiritual realm as well.  Notice a sense of intense peace wash over you knowing you are working in harmony with both Earth and sky.

Exercise 3 – Twinkling Stars:

Close your eyes and visualize a star twinkling above your head, perhaps a foot or two above you.  Next, picture another star equal distance below the soles of your feet.  Let your third eye show you the light and energy flowing from the upper star into the lower one.  This is another way to show you how you are connected to both Earth and sky.  Notice with reverent wonder how the energy flows between the stars consistently and effortlessly, allowing your chakras to feel renewed and balanced.

Exercise 4 – Aura work:

This exercise you can choose to do alone or with someone else.  Visualize in your mind, outstretching your hands away from your body or that of someone else.  Notice how your palms pick-up the energy around the periphery of the body.  It may feel hot, cold, tingling or another sensation.  This relates to one’s aura, or human energy field.  Let your hands travel around the field and notice if you can retain the sensation or if it alters as you near a different chakra.  If you are practicing with another person, test how far you can move away from each other while maintaining the sensation.

Exercise 5 – Training your third eye:

Close your physical eyes and clear your mind.  Allow yourself to picture your third eye, which reside on your brow above and between your physical eyes.  Can you tell if this area is open or closed?  Does your inner wisdom tell you the percentage of openness for your third eye?  If you feel it’s vastly more closed than open try to visualize it opening about 10-20% more.  Experiment with its abilities to open and close, notice what feels comfortable or straining for you.  Pay attention to the various sensations, each tells you an important lesson.  End the practice by setting this chakra’s opening somewhere on the higher end of your comfort range.

Exercise 6 – Chakra balancing:

Visualize your spiritual body’s energy fields.  Scan each chakra one at a time beginning with your root chakra, which resides at the terminus of your spine.  Gradually work your ways upward ending at the crown chakra, which resides just above the top of your head.  Stop at each chakra and pay attention to its energy flow, looking at both its front and rear angles.  Just like with the third eye exercise, pay attention to each point’s openness or closeness.  Can you tell the percentage that each point is open?  Experiment with your ability to open and close each point and notice the sensations you experience.  Set each chakra at the higher end of your comfort range before moving on to the next point.  When you finish setting your crown chakra, notice how your entire body feels more peaceful, balanced and present now that all chakras are in perfect alignment with each other allowing optimal energy flow throughout your body.

Exercise 7 – Releasing body blockages:

Sit quietly with closed eyed.  Call up your physical body with your mind’s eye.  This will help you see the inner working of your body.  Be prepared to see pictures of how your body systems are currently operating.  You may also see colors, movement patterns, or energy flow.  Notice which areas where energy flow is being impeded.  It may seem like a dark cloud covering a section or a pooling effect.  You may also sense a message and honor what you are receiving.  Whenever you encounter a blockage, listen to your inner wisdom on how to massage the area to facilitate healthy energy flow.

Exercise 8 – Reading a person’s aura

Grab a partner and sit facing each other a few feet apart.  Pick which one of you will read first.  Close your eyes and visualize the other person’s energy field (aura) surrounding their physical body.  Pay attention to how the energy flows inside their body as well.  What do you notice about how the energy is circulating in and around their body?  Can you identify any colors or patterns?  Listen to your inner wisdom about how to interpret what you are seeing and feeling.  Share with them what you are noticing and honor their feedback what both resonates and doesn’t resonate with them about your reading.  Be kind to yourselves as this is a learning exercise and your intuitions will get stronger and more focused with time and practice.  Exchange roles and be open to receiving their feedback about your aura.

If the aura and chakra work is new to you it might be helpful to conduct your own research.  There are plenty of reputable books and online sites that will help you as you work to strengthen your psychic abilities.  Both auras and chakras are very complex and having detailed images and data and dynamic exercises will be incredibly beneficial to your studies.

Psychic gifts help us better understand ourselves and our behaviors while broadening our world viewpoint.  As we hone our psychic skills, we improve our abilities to rationalize ourselves against the rest of humanity and universal consciousness far beyond what our physical senses provide.  We are able to learn vital spiritual lessons and become a better steward to the universal community.  When you improve your ability to use and share your psychic talents, you gain a much broader sense of self as well as your soul’s purpose.  As you begin to harness your psychic gifts not only will you grow at a spiritual level, but you will help to collectively heal and provide love to the whole universe.