Cartomancy is a reading that has to do with future telling and Tarot cards and a reader can use different tools of divination to read the future. Each of the suits have a different meaning.

When you are trained in this, you become experienced and your intuition grows, and you can become a cartomancer. Psychics can also interpret cards and they can give you insight that are meaningful.

If you feel drawn to cards for divination purposes, then you are able to handle the cards and it is important that you do not let other people handle your cards.

You should never let other people shuffle your cards and you need to make sure to store them in a box with a silk or velvet cloth wrapped around them to make sure negative energies to not connect to the card.

Cartomancy is more than just memorizing the cards but you can do a reading and have a successful reading.


The beginning of Cartomancy happened in China in the 9th century and it was when cards were made on cardstock and they had black or red dots on them.

These cards were used with coins and they were inspired by Maj Jong’s circles. Playing the cards were used in the Middle East during the 14th century and mostly by Gypsy’s who traveled around Europe and told fortunes.

Suits of Cards

The modern decks of cards have four suits. These are the four suits:


This is the elements air, water, fire and earth., The heart is about love and good luck.


The spades can let you know when bad luck is coming and when someone is not being honest.


Diamonds are about jobs and relationships and having abundance.


Clubs are about success and can show you failures and successes.

Professional Reading

You can find different psychics that are gifted in Cartomancy and you need to make sure that you have your questions written down when you go to one for a reading.


Cartomancy is a reading that helps to tell the future with different kinds of cards. Even tarot reading is part of the Cartomancy gifting.

Cartomancy is a psychic gifting and it can be practiced and learned and can help you to know and to understand your future.