Why Psychic Predictions May Change

Psychic Predictions

You might wonder why a psychic that is almost always right can make a prediction that doesn’t come true. Readings aren’t something that is cut and dry and there are many things that can play a role into a reading coming true or not.

How Can a Psychic Prediction Change?

There are different reasons why a psychic might give a prediction and it doesn’t come true. When this happens, this is not in control of the psychic. Predictions depend on what is happening with the energy of the client when the reading is taking place. Even the tarot card reading can tell a story about what is going to come but it can change depending on the choices that you make.

Here are some other reasons a prediction might change:

  • The energies of the people that you meet each day are always different. When you talk to a psychic, the connection is the most important thing. If you don’t have a connection with them then you might not get a real reading.
  • Remember that psychics are humans, and they can have bad days too. When you get a reading, if you are having a bad day or your psychic is having a bad day, the reading might not go as planned.
  • Each time a reading is done, there are different paths that can be taken. If a psychic tells you that you are on one path and then you change that path, it can mean that the prediction changes as well.
  • Many psychics will have more than one scenario that appear to them, and they often will share multiple predictions. This will depend on the choices that the client makes.
  • When you get a reading, you might choose to change. If you make changes, it can cause the reading to be totally different than it would have been.
  • The knowledge that you get from a reading can give you honesty that you wouldn’t normally hear. This can make you to balance your life and to change the way that the outcome goes.
  • A reading can change based on a choice that you make. You might be doing things wrong in your life when you get a reading but then you make the choice to go on the right path. All of this depends on the work that you do for yourself.
  • One reason that a reading might change is that the timing could be off. The reader might hear a certain month and expect that the prediction is going to happen then, but the psychic might mean a few years down the road.
  • Everyone can change their own destiny. All you have to do is look at the way that you are headed and if you don’t like it, make changes and the outcome will change.
  • A person that doesn’t believe in what the reader is telling them will not be open-minded and this can change the outcome.
  • When you trust the guidance, you are given and don’t let fear rule you, the reading can change.
  • Sometimes a client won’t be willing to open up to the psychic and it makes it hard to have an accurate reading. When a client has a wall up, the psychic has a harder time reaching that person and it can cause the outcome to be different.
  • Psychics will get their information through themselves and from the client. Two readers might have different sources of energy and information and so if you get one reading with one psychic it could be totally different with another psychic.
  • Information will change as there is more observation. Sometimes a guide will not give all the information to give you an accurate reading. As you become a different person and your life changes, you could change directions.

Being on the Right Path

There are different things that can cause a reading to change. The outcomes are different based on the potential and the ideas that people have when getting a reading. As you face situations in your path, you can use your free-will make a different choice. Life is not set in stone and the free-will that you choose can change the outcome of your reading and the desires that you have along the way.


  1. Understanding that psychics can have bad days just like anyone else is a realistic approach. This humanizes the process and highlights the complexity involved in making accurate predictions.

  2. I found this article to be a compelling exploration of the complexities inherent in psychic readings. The notion that our choices and changes in energy can alter the outcome of a prediction is both empowering and insightful. It resonates with the idea that we are active participants in shaping our destinies. The explanation about the variability in psychic predictions due to different sources of energy and information is particularly fascinating. Overall, a thought-provoking piece that encourages a deeper appreciation of the dynamic nature of life and the readings derived from it.

  3. This article provides a profoundly illuminating explanation of why psychic predictions can vary. It’s refreshing to see a discussion that acknowledges the fluid nature of human energy and personal choice. The emphasis on free will aligns well with many philosophical perspectives, affirming that we are not bound by any predetermined fate. The intricate interplay of energies and the role of personal transformation are depicted with remarkable clarity. An excellent read for anyone interested in understanding the nuances of psychic readings.

  4. The discussion about free will and its impact on psychic readings is quite insightful. It reinforces the idea that our choices directly affect our future, making the concept of destiny more flexible and less deterministic.

  5. The point about multiple scenarios appearing to psychics, based on the client’s choices, is fascinating. It suggests that readings are more about potential outcomes rather than fixed events, which aligns well with the idea of free will.

  6. The article sheds light on the dynamic nature of psychic predictions. It emphasizes that various factors, such as the client’s energy and the psychic’s state, can influence the accuracy of a reading. This is an important reminder that predictions are not absolute.