Use Intentions to Manifest Your Wishes

Use Intentions to Manifest Your Wishes

People frequently get tired of waiting for things to happen.  You have put the work and effort into achieving something, but still it continues to elude you.  Modern society tells people in order to be successful, you always have to be on your game.  To reach a goal one must work harder and faster than anyone else or lose the opportunity for greatness.  Cosmically speaking, people are always in a mode of striving and wanting.  This is counterintuitive from the Universe that wants us to be peaceful and receptive.  Instead of working harder, the Universe wants us to work smarter!

How to manifest something into being

First, set your intention.  It might be switching your established career into something more aligned with your soul’s purpose, or perhaps you are looking to start a family with your spouse.  Send that intention out to the Universe.  Next, you can choose to embed the intention into a tangible object you can carry every day.  This could be a stone or feather that you discovered on a recent walk, a piece of jewelry or a piece of paper on which you wrote out your intention.  Whenever you begin to think about your intention look at your talisman.  If you ever find yourself begin to doubt your wish from happening look at your talisman and speak a loving affirmation.  This will help draw energy from the universe more deeply into your life.  Speaking the affirmations and focusing your attentions on achieving your intention you are helping your spirit guides to nudge it further along its way to your life.

Aren’t Manifestations just lucky coincidences?

No!  Manifestations are the realization of your hard work of sending loving and uplifting energy to the Universe, and being receptive to its assistance!  You can’t assume divine forces know what you are thinking all of the time.  You must be clear with your wishes and what you are willing to do to achieve them.  Then you must let go of expectations and allow your God Squad to help you realize your intention.  Surrendering to the process is often the toughest part.  You might have expected to be a mother by 35, but here you are 50 and facing menopause.  You have been working for years with your intentions, but it wasn’t until your partner proposed that you understood you could build your family by being a stepmother to their young son and motherhood was broader than merely being a biological parent.  If you want your dream to be achieved you must be ready to accept the unexpected.

Let Go and Let God

If you feel like you have been experiencing delays in achieving your dreams, it might be time to assess your need for control in your life.  A desire for control often heralds one setting firm and unrealistic expectations.  Trying step back from the situation and observing your behaviors and thoughts objectively.  You might need to take a hiatus from working on achieving your goals for a set period of time.  Next, you can send out another intention, this time for something you have always desired, but never felt like it could happen.  It’s okay if your feel scared, making big strides forwards typically are nerve wracking.  Infuse your intention into a tangible object, which you will use to ground you to this wish.  Each time you touch the object, speak a loving affirmation to the Universe about being ready to receive this gift and that you trust its process of delivering it to you.  Before long you will begin to notice signs that will help guide you along your way to making this intention a reality!

Helpful tips for manifestations:

  • Tap into your inner feelings. Trust they are being sent to help you along your way.  If when you are picturing your intention, you feel happy and peaceful you are moving in the right direction.  If you feel unsettled it could be time for you to reevaluate your situations and even consider focusing on a different intention at this point in your life.
  • Intentions are meant to be truths for your betterment. If you have any lapses of benevolence in this intention it will not be granted.
  • If anyone else is involved in this intention you must only focus on aspects you can control. The Universe always wants people to feel love, support and freewill and will deter any action that undermines these truths.
  • Manifestations are limitless. No goal is to big or superficial.  Grow your ability to trust yourself and your abilities to realize your intentions.  Even if it feels like things are taking a while, be assured the Universe is always working to benefit our soul’s purpose.
  • To make any change in your life you need to assume responsibility. This includes how your thoughts and actions impact everyone you want in your life.  When we take responsibility, we cultivate ownership of the process and can allow ourselves to be more receptive to steps that will help us on our journey.  Accountability, openness, receptiveness and a pure heart are all essential to a manifestation.

How is an ‘goal’ different from a ‘intention?”

These terms are often mixed up, but are actually very different.  By comprehending their difference, you can understand if you have been limiting yourself and your ability to receive the Universe’s gifts.

Goal:  Something you want. 

Expectations and plans are the consorts to any goal.  You have a fixed way of achieving a goal and may be apprehensive to any deviations.  When you are dependent on a set details of a plan, you limit the solution and the opportunities that could arise along the way.

Intention: Something you are determined to accomplish. 

You will set the intention and then release it to the Universe.  You have pure loving motives and will use this intention to better your life and those in your communities.  You trust in the process and open to the many ways of bringing this intention into your life.


  1. What an enlightening read! The distinction between goals and intentions is particularly profound and something I had not previously considered. It emphasizes the importance of trust and receptivity in manifesting our desires. The practical advice on embedding intentions into tangible objects and speaking affirmations is both inspiring and actionable. Thank you for shedding light on this transformative approach to achieving our dreams!

  2. This article beautifully captures the essence of working smarter with the Universe rather than harder against it. The concept of releasing control and letting the Universe guide us can often be the missing piece in our relentless pursuit of success. The tips provided on manifestation resonate deeply and offer a fresh perspective on achieving our soul’s purpose. A truly uplifting and insightful read!

  3. I find the idea of using a tangible object as a talisman for manifestations to be quite practical. It seems like a good way to keep one’s focus and serve as a constant reminder of one’s intentions.

  4. The concept of setting intentions and letting the Universe guide us is intriguing. It seems to offer a more flexible and less stressful approach to achieving our desires compared to the traditional goal-setting method.