Who are Angels?

Who are Angels?

There are different angels that are there to guide you and to be on your team. Below you will hear about the different angels and what they are there to help you with.


Angels are energy beings and can be people or animals. They are on a mission to help you in your life. They want to help you in all of your ways, and they are there to support you and make you feel good in your life.


Archangels are a type of angel that is very powerful. They were there to guide you and to guard you. If you have an archangel in your life, then you can ask them to help you.

Archangels are there to help you in areas that you need help with. Some of them are there to clear away bad energies while others can help you to find love.

If you need help finding your purpose, chances are your archangel can help you with that.


Michael is an archangel and he is there to protect you and to take care of you. He works in battles and is very powerful.

If you feel that you need protected from things in the spirit world or on the earth, he can protect you. He can get rid of bad energies and help you with your energy connection.

If you are strongly emotional and you need help with your energies, ask Michael to help you. He knows what your life purpose is and can help you start your life new.


Gabriel is an archangel that is there to send messages between you and the spirit world. He will communicate with you by speaking, writing, or singing. If you need help in communicating, ask Gabriel to help you.


Raphael is an archangel that can help you to know what to do in your life and relationships. He can set you up with the perfect match in your life and can help keep you safe when you are traveling.

If you need healing, you can ask him to help you because he can heal your spiritual or physical person.


The archangel Uriel is there to give you light when you are going through hard times. If you are struggling in your emotions or in your relationships, he can help you.

If there is a natural disaster, ask Uriel to help clean up things and to get rid of beliefs that you no longer need.


This archangel is there to help you with your romantic life. He can get rid of negative energies and can help you if you have lost things that you want to find.

He can clear your love path and get rid of attachments that you have.


This archangels I there to help you to have more energy. He can help you to see beauty in your life and to help you with your emotions. If you are negative and feel bad, ask Jophiel to help you and you will see beauty in things that you were missing out on before.


Ariel is a strong angel and she is there to help you with the spirit world and nature. If you want to connect with nature, ask Ariel to help you and she can help you no matter what is going on in your life.


Haniel can help you to connect with feminine energy and helps you with love and connection. She can help you to develop your clair gifting.


This archangel can help you to forgive and let go of judgment and blame. If you are feeling sad or depressed, ask Zadkiel to help you let go of things. He can help you forgive others and yourself.


This archangel is human and can help to carry your prayers up. He will guard you and help you fight against darkness. He can even tell you the sex of your baby.


This is Sandalphon’s brother and can help you with your Akashic Records. He works well with children and can help cross over to the afterlife.


Raziel is there to teach you lessons and to help you research things. He can help you learn new things and comprehend things you do not understand.

Angels Are Here

You are not alone on the earth and your angels are there to help you. They are there to give you support and to protect you. If you need their help, ask them.

You can ask them for help and there are different ones that are specialized in what you need. They can help you with relationships, teach you things and help to clean up your life. Learn to call on them and be thankful for their help.