When Your Psychic Powers are Superpowers

Psychic Powers are Superpowers

When you think of your life, what kind of superpowers do you feel that you have? Some people would love to pick their superpower and would pick things like being able to read minds or being invisible. Some would like to have supernatural strength or other powers.

Do you know that you are already given psychic powers from the universe? Everyone is given psychic giftings and even if you don’t know that you have them, you do. People are given these powers which are often called superpowers because they are spiritual senses that we feel.

You might not even know what this means but the idea behind spiritual senses is that you are able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel things in the spirit world just like you are in the natural world. Other powers include being intuitive and having ESP.

Psychic powers such as the clair senses allow you to get information even if you don’t know where it comes from. Some people have more than one clair gift while others don’t even know they have it at all.


Clairvoyant means clear seeing which means that people can see things such as images or visions. People that have this gifting are often able to even read auras of others. This is a superpower that people can have, and these people might even be able to talk to angels and to see them.


Clairaudient means clear hearing, and this means that you are able to hear things in the psychic world. You can hear voices and you can talk to aliens sometimes. These people can hear things inside their mind and out.


Claircognizant means to clear know. This means that you are given knowledge of something without anyone giving you real information. This is intuition that means that you know something is going to happen before it even does.


Clairgustant means clear tasting. This means that you can taste something in the spirit world. This can happen after someone that you loved has dies and now you can taste things that they cook.


A person that is Clairtangent has psychometry. This means that you are able to hold an object in your hand or go into a certain room and then you can know the past, present and future of where that object has been.


This is a gifting where you can feel the emotions of others. If someone is sick, then chances are that you will feel that sickness in your own body. You can pick up these feelings and emotions just walking by someone.


A person that is clairsalient has the power to smell things clearly. They can smell odors from aliens, or they can smell things of people that have died and left a scent behind.

Sometimes a spirit will come into the room and someone with this gift can smell them and know they are there.


These are the main giftings and if you have clair giftings, you are a superhero and you have super powers. Remember, everyone accepts their giftings differently and if you want to develop your gift and be stronger, keep an open heart and mind and embrace your powers.