What the Human Aura Tells You

What the Human Aura Tells You

The human aura is so interesting because it is balanced by different colors and each person seems to have their own color.  Aura’s are beautiful and they represent the personality of the person that they are covering.

When you see human auras, you will see different colors.

Even though it sounds very interesting, the human aura is not anything that is strange and some people that are open to their psychic gifts can easily see the human aura around everyone they meet.  Some people are born with the gift of seeing auras and this allows them to know what kind of personality someone has that they meet or that they see walking down the street.

The world has so many different colors and sounds and the colors come in different shades and hues.  Each day, when you look at the world around you, you will see different colors all around you.  When you have the gift to see auras, when you look in a group, you will see different colored auras all around you.  Humans are both beautiful and exciting.

The human aura allows you to know someone’s personality.  Pay attention to what you see around you.

Human Aura

The human aura will have an energy field around a person, and it will look like the aura is shining bright and glowing.  This will be emitted from their body and from the energies that they have.  Each of the energies will represent a different color and the color can be different depending on who the person is and what they are feeling.,  With the glow, you might be able to tell if someone is sad, depressed, happy or excited.

When a psychic looks at the human aura, they will see colors or shades around a person. These colors will form layers that are like a rainbow.  All of the layers have a different color and they mean something different.  When the color is closest to the persons body, it means that this is the feeling that they are feeling the strongest.

When you want to understand the aura, you must know that there are three basic layers of the aura and these three layers work around each person.


The three different layers that are manifested around a person are the physical layer, the emotional layer and the spiritual layer.

Physical Layer

They physical layer is the layer that will be closest to the body and it will go about two inches thick.  The colors are usually gray or blue but if it is gray, the person is usually bigger.

The layer is how the person feels overall in their health and in their mental health.  The stronger the color is on this layer, the healthier the person is.  When the color is dull, it means that he or she has a problem in their body.  This could be a sickness or a mental health or it could be a sign that a problem will come to their body in the future.

It is important to pay attention to these things because even if someone doesn’t have any signs of health issues, if the aura is dull, it means that at some point in the future, they might not feel well and there could be a health problem.  When you see a dull aura, warn that person to get a checkup with their doctor as soon as possible.

Emotional Layer

The emotional layer is the layer that is second or in the middle of the aura.  This is about three inches thick and it holds the emotional ideas and thoughts.  When someone is full of anger or stress, these feelings are all stored in this aura layer.

When the layer is brighter, it means the person is happy and positive.  They are emitting positive energy and it is the easiest layer that a psychic can see.  The colors of this aura layer will change each day or even hour by hour, depending on what is going on in the person’s life.

This layer might look dull or fuzzy and when this happens, it means the person has emotions that he or her is not sharing with anyone.  They can hide their sadness behind a smile, but the aura will never lie.  If you see a fuzzy or dull second layer, know that this person is probably struggling with something.

Spiritual Layer

The outside layer of the aura is the spiritual layer.  This is about two feet thick and it represents all of the future karma and the astral being.

The colors in this layer are shimmery and a psychic that is not experienced will have a hard time knowing what color this layer is.  This represents our connection with the creator and most of the time, the closer you are to the creator, the clearer this layer will be.

Karma is stored in this layer for our past and our future and so this color can change depending on karma.

Color Meanings

Each color has a different meaning and it is important to know what the colors mean.


Red shows that the heart and the body are working well.  It represents power and health.  If it is a dull red, it can mean someone is angry or afraid of something.


An orange aura means the emotions are strong and so are the reproductive organs.  If this color is bright, it means the person is happy or excited.  If the color is dull, it can mean they are lazy, or they are hiding their emotions.  This can also mean they are addicted to something.


A green aura represents the lungs and the heart.  If it is bright, the person is feeling smart and balanced.  If it is dull, it means they are jealous or being irresponsible.


Yellow represents life and the spleen.  If this aura layer is bright, it means that they are optimistic and full of spiritual faith.  If the color is dull, they are tired and stressed.


Blue is the throat and thyroid and if this aura is bright, it means the person is emotional and caring.  If it is dull, it can mean the person is being immature and falling into bad choices.


The color indigo represents the Third Eye chakra and the pituitary gland.  If the indigo is bright, it means the person is calm and full of peace.  If it is dull, it can mean they are being self-centered or rude.


Violet represents someone that is a visionary.  They are usually artistic and when this is bright, they are full of creativity.  When it is dull, they are being insensitive and are not stable in their actions.


An aura reading is when your aura can be read by a psychic.  They will do this by looking at each of the layers and see what colors are manifested.  If the colors are bright, chances are that things are good within and you are emotionally stable and secure.  If the persons behavior is lacking, the aura might be dull and lose some of its color.

When you get an aura reading, the psychic can sense what color your aura is, but you always have to remember that a reading is not the prediction of your future.  It is meant to help guide you and to lead you on the right path of life.