Were You Born to Change the World? Find Out Now

Were You Born to Change the World?

Do you feel that you are given a purpose in your life and you know that you are probably a lightworker even though no one has ever told you that you are?

The universe will come and give you a sign that your soul will know is their path. The moment that the sign happens, something happens on the inside of people and everything falls into place. You know it is an important sign even if you don’t know why.

Eventually it will lead you to your purpose and you will understand your purpose in life. Maybe you have been trying to figure out what your mission is.

If you think you are a lightworker, a lightworker is someone that has a mission to heal others and to help them to find the light in life. They will show love and they will take away darkness and fear. They are here to make the world better and they know in their soul that this is their purpose.

Even though lightworkers have been around forever, many of them did not know it and it is only recently that they have shown up all over the place. They do work to bring light to people, and they will show them love and energy work. They will do things such as praying, using essential oils, healing, and more and they often are disguised as psychics, mediums, energy workers, priestesses, teachers, authors, speakers, therapists, healers and more. Some are more connected while others are not.

When a lightworker knows their mission, they are there to help many people. Some are born and know immediately that they are there for a purpose and they go through traumas or near-death experiences which awaken them to their purpose.

When a lightworker goes into their role, they used divine light to inspire others and to help them. They show their inner light, and they heal others and themselves along the way. They love their mission.

There are some signs that a lightworker will see but they have to listen to their heart and soul to know what they want.

Once you start your mission, you will heal others and you will learn to align your soul with your purpose. You will become stronger in your spirit and you will know what path to take in life.

Signs of Being a Lightworker

Here are some signs you might be a lightworker:


You will know that you have a strong purpose to help the world. You will be happy in your job as long as it is meaningful, and it will never be about money.

Hard Life

Many lightworkers have hard lives because they are empaths, and they are very emotional. They will learn lessons along the way and will have much drama.

Put Others First

A lightworker will put others above themselves and they will give and let other people take advantage of them.


Lightworkers are very intuitive, and they are psychics. They have energy that helps them to know between darkness and light. They are very strong in their spiritual senses.


Many lightworkers are empaths and are very sensitive. They are emotional and they can take their feelings out on others.

They often feel tired after dealing with people and they have to recharge often.


People and animals will come to you that need healing. They will want to be around you because they know you are different.

Healing Hands

When you touch people, you will help them to heal. You will know how to comfort others and how to help them. You will have new ideas and visions and they will help you to help others.

Hate Cruelty

You will be affected when someone is mean to people or animals. You feel responsible to bring things more love and justice. You want to fix things.

You Have Integrity

You will speak with integrity and you will be honest. You will confront people that are manipulative and fake.


You probably will second guess yourself often because of your sensitivity. You will sometimes not have courage and you will be shy. You will feel stressed around others, but you have to get rid of your distractions.


You will learn more about who you are, and you will become a strong spiritual healer. You will be attracted to things such as yoga and therapy and crystals. You will find things that will help you to change the lives of others.

Lightworkers often feel very alone. They are born into places that people don’t understand them, and this can cause them to have a bad life. They are there to help to heal others and sometimes it is a lonely road that they have to go through.

If you are a lightworker and you are drawn to people that drain you, you have to know that this is your purpose. You are there to have inner knowing and to follow your passions in life. You will reach your mission and you will see that the world needs your gifts.


  1. What an enlightening piece! It beautifully encapsulates the journey of a lightworker. The notion that these individuals are destined to heal and bring light to others is both inspiring and profound. As someone who often feels an intrinsic pull towards helping others, this article resonates deeply. It’s reassuring to know that even in the solitude and challenges, there’s a greater purpose at play.

  2. This article is a revelation! It sheds light on the often mysterious and misunderstood role of lightworkers. The detailed signs and descriptions provided a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be on such a spiritual path. It affirmed many of my own experiences and feelings, particularly the emphasis on empathy and healing. Truly, a well-articulated guide for anyone who feels a profound calling to help others. Thank you for sharing this insightful piece!

  3. The notion that lightworkers have a unique mission to heal and bring light to others is quite profound. The emphasis on empathy, intuition, and healing practices aligns with many spiritual and holistic health paradigms. However, the idea of lightworkers could benefit from greater inclusivity and less mythical framing.

  4. I appreciate the detailed description of characteristics common among lightworkers. The article provides a comprehensive guide for those who feel a strong sense of purpose but are unsure how to identify it. The focus on empathy and healing resonates with many.

  5. This article touches on various signs that might indicate someone is a lightworker. It makes a compelling case for self-awareness and the role of intuition in understanding one’s purpose. However, it would be beneficial to have more scientific research to back up these claims.

  6. The concept of lightworkers and their purpose in life is intriguing. It appears to merge spiritual awareness with a mission-driven life. While some may find solace in the idea, others might seek more empirical evidence. It raises important questions about how individuals recognize and fulfill their purposes.

  7. While the article provides an interesting perspective on lightworkers, it would be useful to see some real-life examples and experiences. Personal anecdotes could offer a deeper understanding of how these signs manifest in everyday life and how individuals cope with their roles.