Ways You Can Discover if You Have Psychic Gifts

Psychic Gifts

What does it mean to have psychic gifts?  Psychics go far beyond the image of an old gypsy woman in front of a crystal ball.  There is a myriad of psychic abilities that manifest in an array of everyday people.  If you are looking to discover if you may have psychic talents and how you can develop them, we have compiled a few helpful tips.

Start by reading up on spirituality or take it a step further and talk to a psychic.  You may even find it impactful to get a reading for yourself.  Next, investigate the diversity of psychic skills and notice which aspects show up most frequently in your life.  Review the list of psychic readings or assistance we have compiled below to see which resonate most with you.

Common psychic readings

Akashic records readings:  The Akasha is a heightened dimension where each thought and action humanity has ever had or will have is stored.  To access the Akashic Records one must fully understand any potential outcome for the future and fully have reconciled with their past.

Angel readings:  Psychic harness their clairvoyant skill with the assistance of a deck of angel cards.  The cards allow the psychic to commune with angels who relay their spiritual insight for the client.

Animal reading:  Psychics with a profound connection to animals interpret an animal’s psyche.  This helps the humans the animal loves to better understand their mindset, needs and concerns.

Automatic writing:  Also known as psychography, this practice produces written message directly from one’s own subconscious or a supernatural entity.

Chakra work: The first step requires the able to read energy fields to notice which chakras are imbalanced.  Then the person must sense what is requires to optimize that energy flow.  Notice how when you are near another person if you can notice if they are low/high energetically.  You may sense them being in an emotional rut or under the influences of caffeine.

Clairvoyance:  Psychic sight helps you picture events that have not yet happened or spiritual beings that are trying to send you impactful messages.

Cartomancy: Readers draw a series of card from a standard deck as a means of divination.

Dream Interpretation:  During sleep you may receive vital messages since your subconscious is allowed to be fully engaged.  Psychics versed in dream symbolism help interpret the signs sent to you in your dreams so you can help plan appropriate action steps for you waking hours.

Numerology:  You may notice that a series of numbers frequent present themselves to you.  Maybe you are a person that is drawn to numbers and the impact they have in one’s life.  If this sounds like you, then you might want to further explore numerology and how numbers can coincide with life events.

Photo reading:  Can you see a photograph and instantly get critical information materialized in your mind.  It could be something pertaining to a loved one in or connected to the image, or a complex understanding of the area in a landscape.  Either way, you will sense the full scope of the past, present and future of the subject in the image.

Psychic reading:  Often you will speak with a medium that can communicate with spirits or beings far beyond our present dimension.  They will receive messages that help bring clarity, understanding and even closure to a situation that has been troubling the client for some time.  If you possess medium skills you will notice that you easily pick up strong presences that cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Reiki:  This Japanese energy healing practice enables practitioners to use their hands to feel and manipulate aura.  People gifted in this tradition have strong intuition and can easily understanding energy fields and how they impact other living things.

Soulmate reading: This specific form of psychic or tarot reading identifies when two souls who are destined for each other will meet, as well as how to nurture their bond.

Spiritual healing:  Similar to getting a chakra cleanse, a psychic healer will channel the proper energy patterns into their client’s body to facilitate healing and optimal wellness.

Symbolon cards: Although similar to tarot cards, Symbolon cards reveal deep rooted psychological and spiritual issues of the client.  Interpreting the cards and their messages promotes profound spiritual and personal growth.

Tarot cards: Comprised of the major and minor arcanas, tarot cards help the client’s future as well as all that lead them to this exact moment in time.  Reading the tarot requires immense concentration, understanding, and grace to relay an impact message.  It is not uncommon to have to undergo ample time and training to fully harness one’s tarot reading skills.

Tea leaf readings:  Also referred to as tasseography, reading tea leaves requires brewing loose-leaf tea and focusing your energy onto the patterns of the leaves poured into the client’s cup.  Use your intuition to understand the patterns that leaves have assembled themselves into while you ponder the spiritual question posed by the client.