Using Runes

Using Runes

Runes have been around since 150 AD, and they are made up of alphabetic letters that the people in Germany used for their writing in Latin. The Runic writing is often used to decorate places and it was written within religious things. Norse rune words are found on old things such as monuments and other symbolic things. The Norse runes were used in rituals, and they were often considered magical.

With Norse Mythology, runes were used by the Father of the gods, Odin and he did a ritual where he hanged himself from the World Tree. He reached down and was known to slain people during war. He gave the runes their meaning and those who had relationship with him were blessed.

It is hard to find things that have rune writing on them now days and the purpose of the rune alphabet was for symbols of spell work.

Most of the rune information is form Norse and you will sometimes see things written in different cultures but when you talk about runes for divination most of them come from Norse. They have Celtic ruins that are symbolic and some of the Ogham staves were used but they were not stones.

The birth rune is one that helps you to know the path in your life and it is given by your birthdate. Notice what the runes mean in your current life, and it can depend on what you are doing. We don’t always stay on the same path that we had from birth, and this can be the Viking Birth Rune which means that you act different than the runes tell you.

The birth rune is based on the date of birth based on Wyrd and Orlog. They believed that your destiny can be changed by something that you choose. Destiny will change your life and you will have more than fate because you can control your environment and make different decisions.

When you want to know what your rune is, find which one represents you the most in your life now. Some will make their own runes and they will use different materials than others use. Some will use stones and they can be made out of crystals or even clay. Ask the spirits to help you to decide and listen to your intuition.

Runes are a lot like tarot cards and can be changed in and out. Even though the tarot goes into more depth, the journey is the same and the runes can give you advice just like the cards. Meditate before you throw the runes to get your message. Tarot runes are a type of tarot card that you can use and find the meanings that match.

When you are a reader, you decide what tools of divination that you use just like rune symbols have meanings, they predict things like the tarot cards. This is often looked at as a sacred tradition. You can practice this and speak to the runes.

Some believe that the living tradition will work by communicating with them. Then they will use their magic to protect you and keep you safe. You can put them in your doorway or bury them in the yard.

Runes have different meanings, and you have to figure out your symbols. They can be for fertility, romance, money, and other things. You can use them under your pillow for love charms and luck. They can be worn as jewelry, and they hold their own power. You don’t have to do anything to give the runes power.

Different than reading the cards, the runes will give you a reading. Pull them out of the bag and throw them and see what the face up ones say to you.

When you do a reading, the rune can be alone, and it can be used with your intuition to know what the information is meaning. You can get the answers and ask the questions openly.

There are 24 runes in the Norse tradition and the runes have different personal meanings. Here is a list of the runes:

  • Fehu
  • Uruz
  • Thurisaz
  • Ansuz
  • Raido
  • Kenaz
  • Gebo
  • Wunjo
  • Hagalz
  • Nauthiz
  • Isa
  • Jera
  • Eihwaz
  • Perthro
  • Algiz
  • Sowelu
  • Tiwaz
  • Berkano
  • Ehwaz
  • Mannaz
  • Laguz
  • Inqwaz
  • Dagaz
  • Othila
  • The Blank Rune

Runes are very magical and powerful, and you can get a reading today, find a trusted psychic and let the runes talk to you.