Using a Tarot Reading to Reverse Divination

Tarot Reading to Reverse Divination

A reversed answer will be different than an answer that is right side up. This is part of divination and the tools that are used.


Runes are an old form of divination, and they are used to read the meanings and to tell you about your past, present and future. When the reading is reversed, it can tell you things that will help you in your life. The meaning of the runes can be amazing, and it can help you to grow and to live a better life.

When you want to have a breakthrough, you need to work towards your goals and make sure that you are taking actions to move forward in your life. There is no reversal for taking action.

Even though some interpretate the runes for reversal, most people will look at them as a place of destruction and they will worry that the disaster might happen anyways.

Tarot Cards

Some will use runes over tarot cards, but some will use the cards because the images are there. Sometimes a reversed card can mean the opposite of what the card says.


The chariot card that is right up will mean that you are moving forward. When it is reversed it means that things are not going like they should, and you are facing obstacles in your life. The chariot moves forward again, and the card will tell you that you can make the situation better. A reversed chariot can mean that you are having problems with transportation.


The lovers card can mean you are going to be in a romantic relationship. If it is right up, it means the relationship will be good. Even if the lovers are there, the romance is meant to be.

Reversed though the card does not mean that the relationship will end but it can mean that the partner needs to work on things in their life so that they can bring peace and joy to the relationship.


The empress card is used with different meanings, and it is up to the reader to interpret them. If the card is up right or reversed, it can mean many things such as:

  • Being a mother
  • Being pregnant
  • Having a strong female instinct
  • Growth
  • Opportunity
  • Fertility

But reversed, it can mean you are infertile or that you are facing emotional problems that you need to solve.


Some readers will not use reversals and they will only give you yes or no answers. When you ask a question and the card is up right, they will tell you yes but if it is reversed it will be a no answer.

You can look up reversal cards online or in books. Find out what they mean. Some will even flip coins to decide if they are reading the reversal or not.

Talk to a reader and find out what tools they use. Allow them to know what your intentions are and what kind of reading you want. Divination tools are used to help the reading and to help you get the answers that you want from them. Find a reader that specializes in the tools that you want to use during your reading.