Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Everyone is born with some psychic powers while some have highly developed powers, others need to work to increase their powers.

Increasing your gifts can be hard and a long process but the rewards can definitely outnumber anything else.

Process of Unlocking Psychic Powers

There are many ways that you can unlock your psychic powers and here are a few ways to do it.


Meditation is one thing that can be a part of your lifestyle.  This is something that you can do each and everyday not only to increase your psychic powers, but to ground yourself.

Meditating allows you to take away anything that you are concerned about in your life and to get rid of the negative energies that surround you from your everyday walk.

Psychic powers are a way that we can use the energies around us to help us and to give us insight.

Meditation can build up the energies and can allow you to increase your powers.


Most people are used to overthinking things and when we overthink things, we have a hard time seeing our psychic powers work.

When we overthink things, it can cause us to block our mindset and to block the energies from coming into our lives.  Blocking your intuition is a bad thing because your intuition is the one thing that can really guide you and give you a relationship with the universe.

Go with your gut feeling and allow it to guide you.

Spiritual Relationship

Having a psychic power will allow you to have a spiritual relationship with the universe.  The energies of the universe are there to help you make good choices.

If you want to have this energy and this spiritual relationship then you have to work on your relationship with the universe and you have to ask yourself if you are making good choices and if you are allowing your gifts to show up.

Meditating can help to form this relationship, and this is the way that you can channel the energies.  Meditating on a daily basis can give you a stronger relationship and can make your spiritual being stronger.


Psychometry is reading the energy of different objects and this is another type of psychic gift.  You will need to train for this gift, and you will develop your powers and your psychic abilities when you practice psychometry.

Psychometry can be practiced by trying to read the feelings of an object and doing it with a friend.  Your friend can give you the objects and allow you to try to read them.

Let your friend tell you how accurate that you are and keep practicing.

Reading Energy

Another method to practice your psychic powers is to try to read energy around you.  You can include telepathy and try to predict things to increase these abilities.

You can end each day that you have by guessing what is going to happen the next day.  Do this after you have meditated so that you can clear your mind and you can concentrate on what you are doing.

You can use your telepathic skills with your friends and have them imagine something and try to guess what they are thinking.

If you can see your friend’s aura, this is a good way to start.  This is hard and if you can do that then some of your powers have already been unlocked.


Increasing your psychic powers can help you to have more power at your fingertips and can help you to become one with the universe.  Practice increasing your energies and work towards making your life happier and more fulfilled.