Understanding Indigo Children

Understanding Indigo Children

The world needs people that will make humanity feel good and that will bring them towards the light. There are people called Indigo children that are able to make things better for the world around them. They have supernatural powers, and they can make life better.

These people are not aliens but they are children that were born between 1978 and 1988. These people can be all around you or it could even be you.

Rather you believe in Indigo children or not, there are many people that do. This term was made by Nancy Ann Tapp that studied the aura’s of humans in the 70’s and found that people that were born during this time were different and they were leaders in the spirit world.

Signs of Being an Indigo Child

Besides the year you were born, there are other things that can make someone show signs of an Indigo child such as being:

  • Highly intuitive.
  • Sensitive.
  • Spiritual.
  • Want to help the world.
  • Love animals.
  • Love nature.
  • Stubborn.
  • Feel like they don’t belong.
  • Sensitive.
  • Empathetic.

Do you wonder if you are an Indigo child? There are things about yourself that you question or maybe you want to ask questions about who you really are. Do you have any of these traits?

  • Are able to discern other’s feelings.
  • You are wise beyond your age.
  • You have a strong personality.
  • You are very sensitive.
  • Are sensitive to the world around you.
  • Considered old or strange.
  • You are in touch with your intuition.
  • You are sensitive to foods that are processed.
  • You are smart but don’t take tests well.
  • You feel depressed or often helpless.
  • You might have suicidal thoughts.
  • You make your voice known in politics.
  • You have dreams that are the same.
  • You attract emotionally unbalanced people.
  • You have addictive behaviors.
  • You are passionate about your life and your purpose.

Liking School

Indigo children normally don’t like being in school. They feel out of place, and they don’t like structure. They want to be curious and do things that are fun. They love to learn and are great readers, but they want to learn their own way.

They are sometimes ADHD or ADD and might have other learning disabilities.

Meeting an Indigo Child

You can tell an Indigo child apart from other people because they are different. They are sometimes people that like to be alone, and they do their own thing. They seem to have strong energy and they refuse to let other people be abused. They stand up for what they believe in, and they have strong values.

Challenges of Indigo Child

Since the Indigo is so sensitive, it can be hard for them to function. They often have stress and anxiety, and they get frustrated easily. They see things in their own way, and they are very psychic.

What the World Looks Like

The world is something that looks like a great place. With the plant-based food and having animals around, the Indigo would love this world if there were no chemicals or toxins and if there were people that treated each other with love.

The world is full of nature, and they love nature. They want to build their life on the foundation of love and hope.

Why Indigo Children Exist?

If you don’t believe or do aura’s, chances are you can still understand what an Indigo child is. You will see that this can be a friend that you have or someone that has certain traits. Not everyone born in those years is an Indigo child but if you think that they have the above traits, they might be.

Indigo children have parents that were there when the ozone layer was discovered and when things made lasting marks on people around them. This is normally people that love the environment and that care about others.

Things About Indigo Children

Here are some other things about Indigo Children:

  • They are sensitive.
  • Strong empaths.
  • Have a great degree of empathy.
  • They are sensitive to tastes and feelings.
  • They are deep and wise.
  • They experience heartbreak and joy.
  • They listen completely when someone talks.
  • They are sensitive to the world around them.
  • They rescue themselves and others.
  • They are lightworkers.
  • They are what the world needs.