Top 10 Books That Explain Intuition

Intuition is one of those things everything thinks they understand but can’t explain. Most people understand that everyone has some amount of intuition but those who are gifted, like psychics or seers, seem to get most of the attention.

People don’t understand that intuition can be developed and enhanced. It isn’t purely a supernatural gift because all of us have it. Some just use it more than others. Remember, the more you practice a talent, the more skilled you become.

The problem is many people don’t know where to start with the subject of intuition. That is where these 10  books come in handy. They explain the concept of intuition and show practical ways to expand it in your life.

Intuitive Being

This book by Jill Willard helps develop the connection with intuition and with a higher power. She shows how to trust your instincts and also shows how to balance energy and release stress. It is an easy read from a practicing meditation leader and medium.

What the Dead Have Taught Me about Living Well

Rebecca Rosen is a medium that uses events in her life to show how she sees, hears, and feels those in the spirit realm. She uses these connections to make decisions every day and shares her tips and tools for developing a relationship with the spiritual along with recognizing and decoding signs.

Use Your Planets Wisely

Jennifer Freed, PhD., is the author of this book. She is a psychological astrologer and mixed her knowledge of psychology, intuition, and astrology in the book to show people how to put together their birth charts. This is a great book for those who have never had a birth chart reading because it helps you find your universal potential.

Super Attractor

Author Gabrielle Bernstein went on a path to recovery after reaching sobriety. Her path included spirituality and helping others. This book shows the alignment between people and the universe is real but is a choice we make daily. It also outlines how to manifest what you desire in life and how forgiveness plays a crucial role.

The Source

Tara Swart, M.D. Ph.D. goes deep into the law of attraction using science. A neuroscientist, Swart ties together how our lives are influenced by how we think. She explores the idea that those who unlock their mind find trusting intuition easier. This book shows how to retrain your brain to visualize and manifest and contains exercises to clear the path to goals.

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert shares in this book how the creative force inside all people is the root of intuition. It is the guiding force through a difficult time in life and parts of it remain mysterious. Her book goes into a further explanation of exactly what intuition is and how it’s meant to be used.

The Four Sacred Secrets

This book is co-authored by husband and wife team Krishnaji and philosopher wife Preethaji. It establishes the idea that humans live in two worlds simultaneously. The worlds are the world of the suffering and the beautiful. The duo shares how to live more in the beautiful world through wisdom.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Brian L. Weiss, M.D. wrote this book that identifies various aspects of past-life memories and how hypnosis helped one patient whose anxiety and fear couldn’t be cured with all the normal types of therapies. Through hypnosis, she discovered the source of her symptoms and was healed.

The Happy Medium

Author Kim Russo is certified by the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute.  Russo was one of the original mediums to show the connection of what we can learn from the dead. In this book, she advises how to harness psychic abilities and what it’s like to have clairvoyant abilities.


Author Laura Lynne Jackson, a gifted medium, believes messages can come to a person at any time in a variety of ways to anyone. In this book, she shows people how to discover messages and shares stories of non-psychics who understood signs sent by deceased love ones.

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