The Energy Vampire Myth

The Energy Vampire Myth

Empaths are people with extreme sensitives that can leave them vulnerable to psychic vampires and energy thieves.  However, empaths must be aware that no one can truly “drain” you or “steal” your energy.

Energy is infinite and therefore immune to being a resource that is competed over.  Humanity must become more mindful and cast aside the concept of scarcity mentality.  Once we do, we can avoid much of the strain and turmoil that occurs on Earth like violence, rivalry, jealousy, strife, and suffering.  Psychic energy is all around us and spiritual wellness has been gifted to every living being by the Divine.  Humanity must embrace that all are worthy and deserving of free-flowing energy.  It is up to us to tap into the energetic wellsprings.  We must invite it into our essence and freely embrace its potential.  Finally, we are compelled to receive this Divine gift with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Our freewill ensures you are never denied or donated anything from anyone.  Your blessings enter your life based on your vibration.  If you have a goal to feel peace within yourself, the Universe will help you achieve this goal without unwanted solicitation from anyone else.  We are all children of the Universe and its Divine Love flows throughout us.  We will always have a connection to Spirit and our soul energy cannot be depleted or stripped away from us.

What happens then when we have unpleasant encourages with others?  When you feel emotionally sapped it is caused by you allowing their lower vibrations to interact with your energy, thus causing an energy flow disruption.  This imbalance occurred because we temporarily lost focus or became unstable.  This person did nothing deliberate to hurt you.  You lacked the protection and mindsight to continue optimal energy flow.

Anytime you find a person “draining,” notice the preexisting state of your energy.  It was most likely unstable prior to the encounter.  This “energy vampire” merely disrupted your already precarious energy state.  Essentially, their attitude became the final straw.  You can help maximize your energy stability with self-care routines like proper sleep, meditation, healthy diet, positive affirmations and quiet time alone.

Reflect on recent vibrational cue you may have sent prior to talking with this “thief.”  Were you feeling angry or sad?  Did you have thoughts of despair, jealousy, or vengeance?  Any lower-tier vibrations leave you vulnerable to cracks in energetic equilibrium, and this may have played a key role in allowing a vampire to “steal” your energy.  To be successful never fall victim to an environment.  Instead create the world you seek and notice how opportunities will abound.

Having disrupted energy vibrations is known as “psychic overload.”  People become more at risk because they have left themselves more open spiritually and psychically.  Ignoring your psychic and spiritual needs makes you more predisposed to becoming “drained.”  Other symptoms of psychic over sensitivity includes tiredness, fidgeting, depression, distraction, and extreme sensitivity to the moods of other people.  Luckily, imbalance can be instantly adjusted with a change of mindset.  Use breath work to help with grounding and meditative exercises or prayer to foster more calmness.

Upon regaining balance, you are able to reconnect with the wellspring of grace.  Next, revisit your self-care practices to correct any bad habits.  There is no cure quite like prevention.  If you feel like you are walking energy sponge and avoid large gatherings discover ways to increase your psychic protection.  This bubble of love and light ensures that you are processing your personal energies and not being affected by anyone else’s experience.  Learning healthy self-care include psychic safeguards can empower you to be grateful for lessons an “energy vampire” may teach you.  You can begin to see them as a guide to better management of your spiritual journey and holistic well-being.  They can actually inspire you teach your skills to others so that they may be more empowered in their lives.

When you are in harmony with yourself and the universe blessings will be in abundance.  Others will be inspired by your inner peace and seek out your wisdom.  The more people dispel the myth of energy vampires, the more positivity and accountable will exist.  This will foster more happiness, light and hope for all living being on Earth.  Remember, nobody can make you feel less than unless you validate this narrative.  You hold the key to your energy and happiness.