Symbolism and Psychic Abilities

Symbolism and Psychic Abilities

There are many different tools and techniques that can be used to increase a persons psychic abilities.  Using symbolism is effective because it is something that we cannot do away with.  Symbolism is part of everything in our life and there is nothing in the universe that does not hold a deeper meaning.

We can increase our psychic abilities through using symbolism to change the way that we work within our environment.

We can stop seeing things in a conventional way which is seeing things at the surface but not digging deeper.  When we look into the world only seeing the things that are part of reality, we lose the experience that is offered to us that comes from experience and things we don’t see.

Our inner being lives in a non-conventional or a non-seeing way.  Our psyche is always seeing things beyond what is on the surface level and we are able to take these scenes that our psyche has and to process them in our conscious mind.  We dig deeper with our psyche and we process things at a completely different level.

Using Symbolism

Symbolism is something that we see differently and deeper than other things.  This is part of our subconscious mind and there are different stages of consciousness that we can see our symbolism through.  There are different connections and different understandings that enhance our psychic abilities.

We can tap into this symbolism with a purpose and by being more aware.  We can see beyond the surface level and look deeper into our lives.  We can figure out the understanding of everything beyond what is happening and relate it to a spiritual meaning.

Seeing Symbolically

If we look at a wall, we can see that there is a way that our psyche uses symbolism in all things.  This sounds like it is nothing exciting, but it is best to learn to acknowledge that there is more to everything.  There is even more to a wall.  There is a whole new meaning that the world “wall” can mean beyond just a flat standing boundary.

When we learn to associate different things with the world wall, we can suspend the way that we identify it and go deeper.

Instead of focusing on how the wall works, we can notice how stable it is and recognize that it is able to support us as we stand against it.

We can look at the wall and pay attention to it until something stands out about it.  Maybe we can acknowledge that the wall is a rough material and figure out what that means.

Keep looking at the wall until your psyche can take the meaning of the rough wall and change it into something different.

Once your psyche points out that the rough wall is what gives it character, you can associate your conscious mind to think about this new perspective of the wall.  Consider what the function, security and support of this wall means to your life right here in the moment.

As you think on the deeper meaning of the wall, you will be able to see what is going on in your life and you will come to the conclusion that there are limitless reasons why this wall can be important.

Keep seeing yourself in the world with free-association and you will be able to get a deeper insight to what is going on around you and this will increase your psychic abilities.

Translate everything in your life with a deeper meaning and observe your experiences.  Find out what deeper symbolisms you can have in your life.

You might find that if you learn to analyze what your mind doesn’t follow then you will have a doorway to your psyche and you will be able to observe things that are not common to you.

Using the example of the wall, you will notice the color of the wall, the paint on it, the idea of your feelings about the wall.  Take this energy with you as you rub the wall with your hands.


Who ever would think that something so boring as a wall could be something that would help you to increase your psychic abilities?  If something as simple as this can get your psychic ideas flowing, imaging what using symbolism in nature could do for you.  Try to do this exercise with other objects in your home or even objects in nature.  Keep practicing until you get it to come easily to you.

With a little bit of practice, you will have a mindset that will allow you to open the doors of your psyche and walk through with a different perception.

When this happens, good things will come to you and you will open your awareness to the world.