Signs of Being a Starseed

Signs of Being a Starseed

Have you ever wondered where you were meant to be or felt like you just didn’t belong? Do you ever look at the stars and wish you were there? Maybe you wonder what life is like in other worlds or you might wonder what might have happened in your past. Chances are you wish that you could travel the galaxies. These could be signs that you are a starseed and that you don’t really belong on Earth.

Do you feel that you are part of another galaxy, or do you think that these feelings are just a coincidence?

What is a Starseed?

A starseed is someone that came from a different planet or galaxy, and they aren’t from the earth. They are someone that has evolved over many different lifetimes, and they have gifts that are different than other people.

Starseeds have different abilities that other people don’t have. This is a knowledge that changes how they act and what they are feeling. Before they were called to the earth, they were people that were creative, wise and special. They are considered people of special seeds and they even are known for their dark sides.

These starseeds are souls that have never been rooted in the Earth and they are only called here to complete some kind of mission. There are different kinds of starseeds but most of them have a mission to help make the world more appealing and creative. They are there to open the eyes of others and help them to see things differently.

Starseeds are people that volunteered to come to the earth because they want to help Mother Gaia and see nature work for good. They are loving, creative, peaceful and they have healing powers. Some of them have careers as:

• Healers.
• Teachers.
• Doctors.
• Therapists.
• Counselors.

Others are just wise elders or innovators that know their mission. There are more than 70 million starseeds on the earth and this is less than 1% of the population. Some believe there are over 19 different kinds.

How to Know if You are a Starseed

There are different signs that might show you that you are a starseed. Even though not everyone will have all of the traits, if you have any, you might be a starseed. Here are some of the traits:

  • Feeling homesick: You feel that you need to be back in the stars, and you are attracted to certain planets or stars.
  • Don’t feel like you belong on earth: a feeling that you don’t belong on the earth, and you don’t get excited about things.
  • Love science fiction: You might believe in extra-terrestrial or feel that they are part of your family.
  • Very empathetic: You put other people first and you care about their pain.
  • Intelligent: You are very smart, even beyond what the books can say.
  • Love to learn: You want to know everything that you can.
  • Feel like you don’t have a real purpose: You are always looking to find what your real-life purpose is or your mission.
  • Have strong intuition: You are someone that cannot ignore feelings and you know that what your body is telling you is true.
  • Went through your spiritual awakening: You have faced your dark side and you are on your spiritual journey.
  • Are psychic: You can read minds, or you are able to know things before they happen.
  • Have had a major trauma: You experienced something that changed your life and caused you to feel like you grew up too fast.
  • Experience the paranormal: You experience things around you like hearing voices or seeing things out of the corner of your eyes.
  • Are very sensitive: Having too many stimuli can cause you to feel overwhelmed.
  • You are an old soul: You are beyond your time, and you feel that you have been on the earth for a long time.
  • You believe in alternative healing: Holistic and natural healings interest you. You believe that the human body can be healed without a physician.
  • Hate violence: You want to change the world so people will be kind and loving to one another. You want people to have a voice and to have love and kindness. You want the earth to be treated well.
  • Love animals and children: Animals and children come around you. They sense that you are loving, and they are naturally drawn to you.
  • You think about the stars often: You think about what it would be like to live in a different dimension.
  • You love astronomy and astrology: You love anything that has to do with numerology, the stars, planets or other out of this world things.
  • People are drawn to you: People come to you because they feel that you are kind and that you are loving.
  • People ask you for help: People will seek you out to ask you questions and to get answers about the problems that they are facing in their lives.
  • You don’t eat meat or animal products: You love animals, and you can’t imagine eating them.
  • You have traits that are different than your parents: You share little traits with your parents, and you feel that you aren’t even related to them.
  • When you were a child, you had imaginary friends: As a child you were able to talk to spirits and people thought you had imaginary friends.
  • You daydream daily: You seem to drift off to another place or you think often about returning to your real home in another galaxy.
  • There are memories of being on a different planet: You are able to remember vivid memories about living a life elsewhere.
  • You like to have physical touch: You want people to touch you and to be close to you. You love the idea of a loving touch.
  • You love crystals: You believe that crystals can bring healing in your mind, body and soul.
  • You believe in healing: You believe that people can be healed, and that healing is something that is possible.
  • You can pick up on peoples energies and emotions: You know when someone is being honest or if they are lying to you. You are able to know when someone is happy or sad.
  • You believe in life on other planets: You believe that there are aliens on other planets.
  • Science is something you love: You love to study science, and anything related to the earth.

What Is Your Mission?

Sometimes people that are starseeds cannot remember their mission. It is important that they try to find out about their past life.  This can be your connection with who you are and what your mission is.

Past lives for a starseed can be thousands of years old and they can be from different galaxies. A starseed that comes to the earth usually cannot remember their past life. This can be worse than any kind of brain fog.

Starseeds are people that have a major change because they have never been born on the earth and they have to learn to make different changes than other people. It can be hard for them to remember their mission because of this.

Starseeds sometimes don’t feel connected because of their gifts. Their gifts are sometimes different, and they have a hard time finding their higher self. This can be because they have forgotten where their soul comes from, and their journey can be hard.

It isn’t about hating the earth or the journey it is just about trying to find where they belong and to remember who they are. This could happen if they meet their shadow self or if they find their twin flame. They might also go through something traumatic.

The starseed is different than the earth angel because the earth angel will come to the same place, earth, while the starseed comes from a different planet completely. This can cause them to feel that they have no connection to the earth.

Idea Behind the Starseed

There is a belief in starseeds because of the different beliefs that there are life systems around the universe. Some believe that there are life systems that have different traits, and some are dark while some are light, and some are the yang while others are the yin.

Our world has an economy that is often seen as selfish. There are planets that have worse and better traits than we have on earth. It is often believed that when a person dies, they can decide where their soul goes and what kind of planet they will live on in the next life.

The agreements that a person makes when they die has information about the past life and the new life and it is where the soul mission comes from. When the soul mission is known, the starseeds are able to go to places where help is needed. Since they have such strong gifts, they are given jobs that are harder.

This doesn’t always make sense but when healing is needed, the healer is sent to that place so that they can be of service to those that need them. Souls that travel to different places often have the choice of where they go but not the starseeds.

This means a starseed can have lived in many different galaxies before they are sent to the earth, and they sometimes have many past lives. Starseeds are voluntary to help heal the earth and they also come to heal animals and the world.

However, many starseeds are sent certain places depends on what kind of help is needed. Those that come to the earth are sent there because they are needed, and they choose to be helpful. No matter what kind of starseed someone is, they are part of the earth because it needs help.

Kinds of Starseeds

Here are some of the different kinds of starseeds:

• Arcturian.
• Orion.
• Sirian.
• Pleiadean.
• Andromedan.
• Lyran.

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