Psychic Reading or Spiritual Guidance? How to Choose

Psychic Reading or Spiritual Guidance? How to Choose

I was once approached about becoming a telephone psychic reader. I think I was asked because of my extensive coverage of occult topics on my website. But my credentials were not checked. I had literally zero experience or training in performing intuitive readings.

So, in the end, I decided not to take the job offer. The whole experience left me wary of similar telephone psychic services.

But my experience does not mean that psychics can’t help people. Their advice certainly should be taken with a grain of salt—just as all types of advice should be taken. Psychics and spiritual teachers are definitely able to help people get by in life in general, and make important specific life choices.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance encourages individuals to follow the spiritual principles that line up with those of the spiritual teacher. With similar beliefs, the subject will be more likely to accept and follow the advice given, to accept what can’t be changed, and to do the work necessary to achieve personal growth.

Spiritual guidance usually, but not always, is based on an established relationship between the subject and the spiritual teacher. In contrast, psychic readings tend to be more impulsive, and can easily be carried out between strangers in a single session. A psychic can help clients learn about the possibilities for the future, can act as a mentor or life coach, and encourage clients to make sometimes dramatic and usually rewarding changes in their lives.

Many people ask their spiritual guide or psychic day-to-day questions. This makes sense even if the subject is committed to following a specific spiritual path. All of us still have day-to-day lives!

The way various spiritual teachers handle fees differs widely. Some charge a standard fee. Others don’t charge a set price, but would certainly appreciate donations. Psychics usually have a clear payment schedule. They often charge by the hour or the minute.

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading will always be an engaging conversation. Each will include its own surprising twists and dramatic turns. You can come up with a specific problem you want help with, or you can rely on your psychic to reveal your hidden concerns and provide deep insights into your situation.

A good psychic offers clients useful suggestions and advice that can help them more effectively handle tough situations. If their love life is faltering and they’re not certain how they should proceed with a relationship, a psychic reading can provide suggestions on how they can work things out. Or, if they’re having a difficult time in their career and they’re seeking input on how to improve, a psychic can help.

Suggestions can include anything, including talking about your feelings, writing a letter to an ex, working with crystals, physically exercising, praying, and meditating. Psychics can also connect with spiritual guides, who can offer more clarity in your situation. This helps you discover your own intuitive powers and helps you learn how to properly use them.

You can find psychics who offer astrological or birth chart readings, numerology readings, palm readings, tarot card readings, and so on. They can also help with issues related to personal life, career, and relationships. They are, however, generally expensive. Local sensitives and psychics generally ask reasonable hourly rates. Because they perform readings in your physical presence, you receive a more personal experience.

Spiritual Guidance vs. Psychic Readings

One major similarity between psychic readings and spiritual guidance is that both require the guidance of an experienced clairvoyant, spiritual guide, or psychic medium. Another significant similarity is that both experiences require the subject to hold strong beliefs about the presence of these unique spiritual powers inside of themselves. Finally, the subject must be open to receive answers in any form.

There are several differences between psychic readings and spiritual guidance. The main one is that psychics will generally deal with day-to-day issues like career, finances, love, and so on, while spiritual guidance will focus on ultimate enlightenment and ethics. Psychic readings and spiritual guidance are performed differently, and their outcomes also vary.

In either case, you need to clearly explain your motives to the medium, spiritual guide, clairvoyant, or psychic you’re consulting. Psychic readings are generally less interactive than spiritual readings, since spiritual readings give deeper insights into your inner self. Good spiritual readers encourage subjects to ask lots of questions. They also question themselves so they, too, can experience the reading on a personal level.

Final Thoughts

When you’re seeking psychic or spiritual help, it’s generally because you’re having some sort of trouble in your life. This could be practical, emotional, or existential. Psychics and spiritual guides can both help you figure out what you need. But it’s always a good idea to do your due diligence. Be as clear as you can be regarding your purpose for seeking the reading. This will help you discern which type of provider will best provide you help.

Would you like to become enlightened and empowered, or are you seeking quick answers to the present issues in your life? Psychic readings are geared more toward helping you deal with practical problems, while spiritual guidance focuses more on the general attitude you have in life, and the things that you yourself can do to improve all aspects of your life.

As I mentioned, spiritual guidance can involve very practical advice. So, whether you pick a spiritual teacher or a psychic to help you depends on your personality type and on how closely you identify with specific spiritual traditions. Ultimately, the goal of both spiritual teachers and quality psychics is that their subject would learn how to stand confidently on their own two feet.


  1. What a compelling read! The distinction between psychic readings and spiritual guidance is often blurred, yet this article does an excellent job of delineating the two. The focus on the importance of having a clear purpose and the thoughtfulness about the financial aspect of these services adds a practical dimension to the discussion. It’s refreshing to see such a well-rounded approach to a topic that is frequently misunderstood.

  2. This article provides an insightful and balanced perspective on the nuanced differences between spiritual guidance and psychic readings. It’s particularly interesting to see how both approaches, though distinct, ultimately aim to help individuals navigate through life’s complexities and achieve personal growth. The emphasis on discernment and clarity when seeking such services is crucial and well-articulated.

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