Knowing More About Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children

Do you ever wonder what a rainbow child is? This is a spiritual thing, and it is a generation of star seed children that have come to the earth in order to help change the world.

Rainbow children have important missions on the earth.

What is a Rainbow Child?

A rainbow child is someone that is part of the star seed generation. They are sent to the world after the 2000’s and they are there from the Crystal children.

Indigo children were the first generation and then they help to evolve other children to have love and compassion. Rainbow children want to bring the world great things such as love and forgiveness.

They are there to serve people and to show them their spiritual path.

How Are They different?

Indigo children are different because they open up the world so that Rainbow and Crystal children can do what they are meant to do on the earth.

Most of the time an Indigo child will be stubborn, and they will have a hard time getting rid of their beliefs.

Crystal children will look to make the world a better place. There is no other generation that is as sensitive and loving as the Rainbow children generation and they made changes when they came to earth.

Traits of a Rainbow Child

Each rainbow child has a different trait, and they have traits that are different than other generations. They bring more things to the world than other people have.


A Rainbow child is more than likely telepathic. They are able to know when something is going to happen, and they can communicate with others through their mind.

They have to have telepathy so that they can be led in the right direction to help the world heal.

Strong Willed Children

A Rainbow child will be very stubborn, and they will want to have their way. They are this way so that they can help others and so that they can get their point across.

Loving and Compassionate

Rainbow children are very loving, and they want to share compassion with other people. They want to do things that the universe wants them to do and one part of this is being kind and compassionate to others.

They are very giving and kind.

Have a Lot of Energy?

Rainbow children have a lot of energy and they are sometimes hyper. They have energy that stays that way all day long.

They might even have a hard time sleeping because they have so much energy. They are always working, and their brain is always making plans.


Children that are Rainbow children will forgive those that have hurt them. They come to the earth so that they can forgive and so that they do not have a hard feeling towards anyone.

Rainbow children stop focusing on things like the path and they easily forgive.


Rainbow children are peacemakers and that is their mission in life.  They want to give the world peace and they want to make sure every situation is peaceful and kind and loving.

Rainbow children will bring families closer together and will help those that are stressed to find peace.