Is Your Purpose to Fix People?

Fix People

Are you someone that always wants to fix things? You might want to fix situations and you might want to fix people. If you are this person, chances are that you are an empath. One thing that you need to learn though is that you cannot fix everyone, but you can fix yourself. You can show people what they need to be better, but they have to fix themselves if they want change.

People are often broken, and this happens because they are not able to face the problems that they have had in their past. They allow their problems to flow through their present and their future and they don’t do what is best for them.

No matter what you tell them and what you try to do for them, they have to find their own spiritual healing if they want to be fixed. They have to get rid of their darkness and do their own shadow work.

Fixing someone can be hard and you have to make sure that you put up boundaries and that you keep your energy strong. You have to make sure that you know when to stop trying to help them and let them deal with things on their own.

Emotional Problems

If you begin to feel emotional over someone, chances are you are letting them steal your energy. You might be in a toxic relationship with this person and instead of trying to fix them, you need to fix yourself. You need to do things that can help others and can help you such as building your own spiritual being.

You can show people how to heal. You can show people along the way how to do these same things that you do but if they don’t try, they will never be fixed. Don’t feel like you have failed someone if they don’t end up fixed. Here are some things you can do for energy healing:

  • Go in nature.
  • Meditate.
  • Say positive things.
  • Avoid negativity.
  • Reach out to spiritual leaders.
  • Listen to healing music.
  • Get Reiki.

Final Thoughts

You are a great person and trying to fix people is something that is very commendable, but it isn’t always something that you can do on your own. People need to put their own work in when they want to be better.

Learn to be better yourself and then you can show people what it looks like to be fixed and what it looks like to be stronger. The stronger that you are and the braver that you are in your own life, the stronger and braver other people will want to be.

Be an example and show people who you are and what you need in your life and allow your goodness to rub off on others. You can fix people from a distance without being stuck in their negative lifestyle.