How you can boost your psychic power

How you can boost your psychic power

What’s the advantage of strengthening your six sense? You will be able to make good decisions if you listen to your inner voice and follow what the spirit world says. These decisions are: finding your perfect soul mate, discovering your journey and managing your finances. To add onto all this, you will feel peaceful and better connected with loved ones, both the living and the dead.

I suggest you follow these easy steps to strengthen your natural psychic ability. I have used them to enhance on my gifts for long and I still use them till date.

  1. Be cautious of psychic intuition signs

Everybody possesses natural psychic abilities from birth, however, you might not identify them for what they are.  Have you ever thought of a friend you haven’t seen in years, then eventually meet them the same day? How frequently do you foretell someone’s calling even without looking at your phone? These are signs that your clairvoyant ability is indeed working. Be cautious enough and pay attention to them. This is because your intuitive gift is likely to sparkle when nurtured.

  1. Use meditation to expand your consciousness

You must get used to seeing with your inner eye and listening with your inner ear to enhance your psychic ability. That quiet voice goes unheard because of the distractions of the current way of living. You can train and filter your mind through a regular practice of meditation. That’s the only way you can get to the knowledge that’s inside you.

  1. Be cautious of your five senses

To develop your sixth sense, you have to be extra cautious of the senses you already possess. Focusing on these senses will make you understand yourself better deeply so that you can open up and use your intuition well.

  1. Make use of your sixth sense

Psychic ability gets stronger when practiced, just like any part of you. You can try the following exercises to strengthen your “psychic muscle”

  • When your phone rings, you can guess who’s calling and what they want to say.
  • Try to intuit the amount in an invoice before looking at it.
  • Try predicting how a dining experience will be like. Picture everything about the place.
  • You can guess where you are going to sit if you have a business meeting. What the people will wear and the time that meeting will end.
  • Try to picture the main characters in a newspaper headline that you’re reading and how the story will end.

Enjoy exploring your sixth sense!