How to Use a Pendulum to Improve Your Life

How to Use a Pendulum to Improve Your Life

People have, no doubt, heard of pendulums and may even have seen one used in a movie or television show. However, many may not understand how to use them to improve their situation.

Pendulums Are Helpful

Pendulums can be tools used to heighten inner or spiritual growth. They can be used for guidance or to connect with higher body vibrations that can help balance your mind and spirit.

Most use wood for their pendulums, claiming it is the best for receiving clarity. It is placed on a string that is around 12-inches long, but the exact length doesn’t matter. Spiritualists state to avoid using gemstones, metals, or crystals for a pendulum. Those items can block information, influence it, or absorb energy.

How to Properly Use a Pendulum

Most people use a pendulum for divination, although it can be used with a tarot card reader to link to your spirit guides or higher self. Links can be made to angels and deceased loved ones.

You can use it to relieve pain issues or emotional problems to promote healings. This is called “dowsing.” In this method, you use a pendulum to find these higher beings or invisible energies to get to the root of problems and locate areas where there are energy blocks.

To use it to get answers to perplexing questions or for guidance, you need to set up to provide answers. Clean your pendulum by running it under cold tap water or soaking it in sea salt. Next, take a moment to set its stored energies free mentally.

You are going to need to ask questions that are either yes or no. First, you need to find out how higher vibrational beings are going to answer. Holding the string with the pendulum on it, ask what a yes will look like. It will swing either vertical or horizontal straight lines or circular movements. To reaffirm, ask what a no will look like.

Once this is established, you can ask questions and receive your answers.

You may be skeptical, but pendulums do work. You can try it out to see for yourself and you may get an honest answer you need.

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