Nurture a Psychic Kid

How to Nurture a Psychic Kid

It can be difficult to know what to do when you notice a child in your life has physic talents.  What do you say when this kid conveys key facts about a long-dead family member?  What is the best way to show them the love and support and that there is nothing to fear from their gifts?

Begin by promoting ways for the child to honor their Spirit Connection.  Often, young children are acutely aware of spirits around them, as well as energetic vibrations.  With sincere interest, a psychic kid can share insights and wisdom that makes them seem like an old soul.  Be mindful of the child’s age and speak to them at a level that they can process so their talents can be honed and carried into later years. A child’s ability to develop their spiritual gifts depends a lot on the adult guidance in their life.  Through sincere interest, love and encouragement a psychic kid can feel protect and emboldened to explore their talents.

Amplify their inner light!

In a world that often tries to steal one’s joy there are some easy ways you can help a psychic child maintain a healthy heart and mind.

  • Inquire as to how the child feels about certain aspects rather than what they physically see. This teaches them to honor their heart more so than their head.
  • Validate their perspectives on people and places. Allow them to select leisure spaces they want to visit, and never insist they interact with a person they find scary.
  • Encourage them to spend time nature to balance out all the time they spend indoors
  • Foster a love and respect for animals.
  • Develop a meditative or prayer practice together. Weave in aspects of mindfulness into everyday activities.  This will help you bond together and with the universe.
  • Read books and articles about spirituality together
  • If the child shares any experiences with ghosts or past lives, listen nonjudgmentally and ask questions to create dialogue. It can be helpful to encourage them to write down or draw pictures of these experiences and their feelings about them.
  • Introduce the child to a community of other individuals with heightened sensitivity and compassion. Explore volunteer opportunities to help beings in need.

Compassion matters!

When a child feels safe to share their experience with paranormal phenomena, they are able to grow spirituality.  They become emboldened to explore the physical and spiritual worlds around them knowing that a beloved adults respects and values them.  You don’t have to be a parent to nurture a child.  By honoring their psychic talents, the child avoids fearing their uniqueness, instead accepting their abilities and seeing their spiritual gifts as the blessings that they are!

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