How to know the kind of psychic gift you have

How to know the kind of psychic gift you have

All of us are psychic abilities. Some are more pronounced than others but we all have them. The best place to begin when it comes to making your psychics more effective is to know what type of psychic you are.

We all receive psychic information differently. Just because you can’t tell what the future holds doesn’t mean you are not psychic.

Let’s discover what kind of psychic you are so that you can begin mastering your psychic abilities.


This a psychic ability that’s always mentioned frequently. Let not the term popularity fool you. It is not the most common form of psychic ability.

This is the ability to see things before they happen. If you are clairvoyant, you’ll be able to see visions of things before they happen.


These are people who are sensitive to sounds. Clairaudients may hear messages from loved ones who died or something about the future. You are likely to be clairaudient if you hear voices when there is none to be heard.


Clairsentient individuals are always considered to be empaths or are empathetic in away. They can experience the energy of others using their field energies known as an aura. You are likely to experience even the feelings of plants and animals. You may be clairsentient if you are that one individual who immediately knows that someone is not good upon meeting them.


Also known as psychometry, its receiving intuitive gifts by just holding objects. Several individuals who are clairsentient are also Clair tangent.  They both carry the same energy.


It is hard to pin down and describe this psychic ability. They are usually aware of the things of the past and may not understand how or why they have the information. Claircognizants cannot see a vision of what they know. They just have a strong feeling that something is true without being told by anyone. Therefore, if you have a strong feeling that something might be true without nobody necessarily telling you then you are likely to be claircognizant.


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