Healing and Opening the Third Eye

Healing and Opening the Third Eye

The third eye is part of the chakra system, and it is also called the Ajna. This is the place where you can see things and you can increase your intuition. It is found in the middle of the forehead, and it is where you reach your higher self.

The third eye allows you to be more spiritual and to reach the spiritual perspective that you want. It can help you to have visions and help you to increase your thoughts and beliefs around the world.

With the third eye, many people are given the clair gifts meaning that they are clairvoyant or they are able to use their sixth senses to know things. This means that they are more aware of what is going on in their life and they have things such as:

• Discernment.
• Self-awareness.
• Wisdom.
• Visions.
• Clarity.
• Imagination.
• Vivid dreams.

Balancing the Third Eye

The third eye needs to be balanced so that you can work the way that you need to. This gives you a wider perspective of life and the spiritual world.

The third eye is considered a feminine energy and it is seen with an upside down triangle with a lotus flower by it. It is associated with the color violet and the mantra to use with this chakra is, “I see.”

Earth and the Third Eye

Even though the chakras are found on the body they are also found on the earth. The third eye is something that is not found in a certain location but it can go all over the earth. Some believe it has to do with the rotation of the earth. The third eye chakra is also called the Aeon Activation Center and is believed by some that it changes due to the astrological age.

The Age of Aquarius can show people that the third eye works with the heart chakra that is found in Glastonbury, England but will change to Brazil when the Age of Capricorn comes.

A Blocked Third Eye

The chakras need to be open and clear and when they are blocked this means the energy is not flowing properly. You will be able to know if this is happening to you by signs in your body, emotions and more.

Physical Signs of a Blocked Third Eye

Here are some physical signs that your third eye might be blocked:

• Sleep problems.
• Mental confusion and fog.
• Dissociation.
• Having a hard time concentrating on things.
• Problems with vision.
• Sinus problems.
• Hearing problems.
• Dizziness.
• Blurred vision.

Emotional Signs of a Blocked Third Eye

Here are some emotional signs that your third eye might be blocked:

• Feeling lost and confused.
• Being close-minded.
• Needing validation from others.
• Needing permission from others.
• Worry.
• Doubt.
• Overthinking situations.

Spiritual Signs of a Blocked Third Eye

Here are some spiritual signs that your third eye might be blocked:

• Not knowing your purpose.
• Feeling absent.
• Having no intuition.
• Not feeling rooted.
• Having no guidance.
• Daydreaming too much.
• Lack of confidence.

Clearing and Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

You can get your third eye chakra balanced by making sure that you are doing things that target the third eye area. There are different things that you can do such as:

Yoga for the Third Eye

Here are some yoga poses to open up the third eye:

• Shoulder stand.
• Asanas.
• Fish pose.
• Child’s pose.

Other Ways to Unblock the Third Eye Chakra

Here are some other ways that you can unblock your third eye chakra:

• Focus on positive things.
• Visualize goodness around you.
• Imagine white light feeling you and stopping at your third eye chakra.
• Meditating.
• Being more aware.
• Having a clear mind.
• Getting guidance.
• Increasing your intuition.
• Sound meditation.
• Saying “aum.”
• Opening up your energy flow.
• Being open-minded.
• Allowing growth and change in your life.

Affirmations for the Third Eye

You can also start saying affirmations to help get your third eye open. Focus on these things while you are meditating or say them throughout your day. Here are some of the best things that you can say:

• I trust my intuition.
• My experiences help me to learn.
• The universe is connected to me.
• My mind is clear and at peace.
• I look inside of myself for wisdom.
• I trust myself.
• I receive new things.

Crystals and Essential Oils for the Third Eye

Another thing that you can do to open up your third eye is to use crystals or essential oils. Here are some of the best ones you can use:

• Tanzanite.
• Sodalite.
• Iolite.
• Blue and purples stones.
• Rosemary.
• Frankincense.
• Myrrh.
• Patchouli.
• Sandalwood.

Foods for the Third Eye

Some of the best foods you can eat to balance the third eye chakra include:

• Eggplant.
• Blueberries.

Being Mindful and Using the Environment

Not only can you be mindful and journal to help open up your third eye, you can also look at the elements before you and your environment to help you align your chakras. Here are some of the best regions to help open up your third eye:

• Arctic Circle.
• Northern Europe.
• Sweden.
• Norway.
• Finland.
• Iceland.
• Russia.
• North America.
• Alaska.
• Canada.
• New Zealand.
• Australia.
• Falkland Islands.

Final Thoughts

Even though all of these things above can help you to open up your third eye chakra, some of the best ways that you can do this is by pouring your life into others. Be open-minded with people and be honest. Allow yourself to grow and help those around you grow.

As you are confident with yourself and your spiritual being, you will see that you are clearing any blockages in your third eye and the other chakras and you are bringing about your purpose in this world.


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