Having a Visit from Your Deceased Loved One

Having a Visit from Your Deceased Loved One

Spirits are able to be identified by their visit by knowing things about them. You might feel the hair stand up on your arms or you might smell something that reminds you of someone from your past.

When do the spirits visit you? Sometimes it is believed that most of the spiritual activity happens in the middle of the night between 1 A.M. and 4 A.M. This is called the “witching hour.”

When the electrical activity is not interfering, you will get the energy at its lowest and this is the time where you are able to pick up on subtle messages around you.

It is during this time that the spirit world is able to see the environment better because it is not as lively and lit up.

In the middle of the night, the spirits often come but they can come at any time of the day or night. Once you are able to identify who the spirits are and what they want, you will be able to be more aware when your loved ones or people that you know stop by to visit you.

A spirit that visits you will have to use a lot of energy to get to you. They have to go through the spiritual realm and into the physical realm and this can take a lot of energy. When this happens, if you are awake, you can feel their vibration, or they will make noise when moving things.

They can even let out an energetic sound that allows you to know that they are there. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to connect with you and they want you to know that they are there.

Make sure that you know when they are visiting and then you can connect best with them.

Common Visitation Times

It is most common for a spirit to visit you when you are alone and not distracted by other things in life. When you are less distracted, you will be able to tell when things around you change and the energy shifts.

This time alone can be in the middle of the night or the early morning or after everyone else goes to bed. This can be a time when you are settling down for bed.

This happens when you are least distracted because your spirit will want to spend time with you when you can concentrate and notice them.


The spirits will often come in your dreams at night and this will happen because it is a time of relaxation and often meditation.

The spirits do not know what time it is because time is a concept that they do not have. They might visit often but you might not notice it because you are busy.

Even if you are sharing a bed with someone, you might be the only one awake and this is a time where your mind is quiet, and you can listen for your loved one to come to you.

Some spirits will choose not to wake you up but will visit you in your dreams instead and this is a dream that is different than your other dreams.

Life Changing Times

Here are sometimes that your spirit might visit you:

  • When you are going through change.
  • When an event causes you to reflect on your life.
  • When you are not sure where you are going.
  • A period of time you are letting things go.
  • Catalyzing circumstances.

Your spirits want to be around you and they will come to you when you are at your worse so that they can help you.

Sometimes when things are hard in your life, you will have your spirits there to guide you and to make you happy and able to move forward.

Family Events

If you have things such as weddings or birthdays, chances are that your spirits will come to you because they will not want to miss this exciting time in your life.

Some people believe that the spirits will come when there are christenings and other things because they want to show the support to you and let them know that they are around for you.


Chances are that your guides will come to you:

  • When you are by yourself.
  • When you sleep and dream.
  • When life is changing
  • When you are celebrating something.

These are the most common times that your guides or your spirits will visit you. They will come at different times in your life and you need to make sure that you make room for them and time for them when they do.