Harness the Moon’s Mysterious Power

Harness the Moon's Mysterious Power

The moon is beautiful and fascinating to many people but few realize the amount of power it has.

The moon symbolizes water in tarot cards, and it’s no wonder about the association. The moon’s power controls the tides and a big part of the weather. Interestingly, this association was identified long before science links the two.

There has always been a bit of a competition between the moon and sun. That is particularly true in religion. The Egyptians worshipped the sun and created calendars around it. Meanwhile, the Jewish people centered their time, seasons, holidays, and calendar around the moon.

Thousand of years has left us with a wealth of moon legends and each tells a story that comes with a lesson, whether is a happy one or a frightening one.

One legend related to the beginnings of the universe. It was being decided where everything should go and so the moon asked to replace the sun. It made its case, stating it took less room and wasn’t as dangerous because it didn’t explode. Secretly, the moon has a self-serving purpose for its request. It wanted to shine brighter than all others.

The moon insisted the sun should spin on the solar system’s edge with it in the center. The higher power hearing the request told the moon the sun has been placed and the moon must wait for placement.

Angry, the moon deliberately flew too close to the sun in an attempt to challenge the bright star. It suffered deep burns, which turned into modern craters, as a result. After its injury, the moon went behind the earth to seek protection and stayed there for 1,000 days where it cried.

The earth, who was grateful for the downpour, wanted to help the moon said the earth struck a deal with the decision-maker. The moon would be in the earth’s realm and be allowed to shine as brightly as it wanted.

The moon then began to shine on the earth’s dark places, govern its waters and help those roaming in the night to find their place.

In tarot card readings, the moon card is related to aspects of creativity, intuition, self-awareness, and imagination. It brings insights among its somewhat chaotic cycles that move up and down as escalating emotions and increased stress. The moon makes you stop and look beyond the shadows that frighten you.

Everyone agrees about some things regarding the moon. Most see it as a mysterious, far away object which has many it a source of fancy for generations.

Once you identify with the moon’s energy and use it as a source of reflection, you can harness its power into your own life. It is only then that you can fully use the moon’s energy and readjust to find the truth. Just let the moon’s light guide you through the darkness.