Foods that Can Release Your Inner Self

Foods that Can Release Your Inner Self

Inside each of us is a life tool that helps us and allows us to listen to our voices that are deep within ourselves.  We call this intuition or psychic awareness.  It is thought that everyone is born with this and that we have the ability to wake it up inside of each of us.  There are ways that if we eat certain foods then it can increase the psychic voice that we were born with.

Why Use These Powers?

Psychic powers can be tuned in with different foods and magical feelings that help us to assist us in making decisions and can help to give us energy that we need that can help us to be better. Be careful of all of the food that you choose since some can give you better energy.


Foods that have been grown in sunlight and have been exposed to the sunlight while they are growing can bring you more into your cells.  This can help you to grow in strength and ability and can give you confidence to release your inner self.  Watermelon for example is good for getting rid of body toxins while melon, bananas and pineapple are great to nourish our bodies.  The way that you practice being in harmony around you is to tune in and hold the fruit in your hands for a few minutes before you eat it.


If you can eat organic foods, then that is the best.  Foods like carrots, kale and other colorful vegetables are great options.  Onions can help to get rid of anger and lettuce can give us opportunities to open up that we might otherwise miss.


There are different myths and mysteries that come with foods such as garlic, ginger and turmeric.  These foods can help to develop your inner powers and they can add flavor to your life as well.


Meat is a part of your diet and can lower the vibrations that you have in your life. It is thought that when animals are killed that it can bring negative emotions and fear in your life if you eat them. If you eat foods that are full of pesticides it can cause your inner self to not grow.

How You Should Eat

When you eat, go slow and chew your food. Let your body really digest the nourishment in the food.  Eat food without watching television so that you aren’t distracted.  Try to not overeat because this will make you slow and tired.  Having a vase or a candle can help you to feel calm and collected while you are eating.