3 Protection Methods of Psychics

3 protection methods of psychics

These methods are presented so one can safely do readings. You should keep your energy field strong.

  • For one to safely and securely connect to other dimensions, psychic protection is a must. This is true to what you are doing.
  • Performing developmental exercises.
  • Connecting with spirits or any other type of intuitive session
  • Meditation
  • The expertise of all levels benefit

Both novice and experienced psychic specialists can use several protection methods. These techniques can either be quick or more in-depth for ultra-strong protection. This post has three excellent energy field protection methods that you can master easily. You can include them in your everyday psychic preparation or routine.

Below are the methods

Method 1:  The Ball of White Light

This is the simplest and most used method. It creates an impervious psychic shield of light around you.

  1. This involves visualizing a bright white globe of light vitality drawn from God. The white light signifies protection it the highest form.
  2. Secondly, let this light envelop you from all directions and make sure you embrace the energy. You are surrounding yourself with this light as well as ensuring that it permits every cell organ and tissue in your body.
  3. During this time, you might feel a warming sensation in and around you. The significance of feeling this warmth is that it lets you know that you are establishing a powerful field of light. If you don’t feel the warmth immediately, don’t worry it will flood in.
  4. And finally, visualize the globe of light for a minute. It will protect you from negative thoughts which will flow over the ball of light leaving your physical and psychic being untouched. You should keep your breathing deep and natural when practicing this technique. That’s all you need to do in this method.

Method 2:  More Potent is the Fire Within

This best suits those who need powerful protection.

  1. First, for you to receive the protection, you need to sit straight, take a deep breath. Use your third eye to visualize a small loving blue-orange flame.
  2. Secondly, confidently focus on this flame as it doesn’t harm. Then visualize it spreading all over your body. Make sure this flame burns intensely. Then wrap this flame around you mentally and visually.
  3. In this third step, you need to pay attention to your breathing in and out. Each time you exhale this, the flame should become exponentially larger. Do this four times.
  4. Lastly, consider protection complete.


This is my favorite method.

Use this when you need a quick uplift, a fast clearing before doing a reading.

Repeat this. I am the light. The light is in me. Light surrounds me. Light protects me.

Then finish with: and so it is. You can say this several times a day if you want.

You can put these methods into practice and see how they work for you. You can combine two or more for protection.